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The Best Way To Monitor Children With Your Phone

Kids are an innocent creation of God and they have no knowledge about the world.

But being a parent, you should know about your kids’ activities in their digital devices which you have handed over to them.

You can’t always grab their phone and have the time to check all the activities. But you can control what they should use and see. It is a key factor to introduce locks and limitations in your child’s phone.

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What To Do?

The first and foremost thing which you should do is put a parental control on all the devices that your kids use.

Some of them can be filtering out some of the sites while others can be just screening out the internet.

Everything is different, so, the best thing you can do is read about the parental controls of your smartphones and how the controls operate.

Below here are few tools which tell about how to monitor or limit the time of the device that your kids use, tracking the apps or software that your kids and many more.

Windows PCs

When you create an account in the name of your kids, you will get an option to allow Family Safety settings. Family safety enables you in checking or set a time a time for the usage of your child’s account.

It also helps you blocking certain sites or applications and get a report every which gives a review of the account.


If your kids and you both are using separate Macs, then you can share screens along with turning the Parental Controls on.

Go to your child’s Mac and Log on as an Administrator and select the Screening Share options by clicking on the Sharing preferences.

Continue the process by clicking “Allow Access For” and select Administrators. Now when you Log in to your Mac, you just have to visit the finder and click on the Go Network in order to check your kids’ activity on Mac. Click on Share Screen to view all the activity.


There are many options for software available on the net which you can purchase and install in order to block or check all your kids’ activities.

This will enable you in differentiating certain levels of censorship depending on the age of your kids or the rules which you have set in your house. A software such as Intego is best for Macs.


Each tablet has a different level of parenting settings. These controls operate same like the settings which are in the computer operation as described above in this article.


There are different kinds of smartphones, if your kid is using any one of them then it will be good for you if you keep a backup of the phone’s content on your Mac or PC.

Doing this, you will keep yourself updated about what apps are being installed in your child’s phone as well as you will be able to check all the text messages or call that your kids are making.

Make sure that you have activated all the basic features regarding security and limitations on the usage which you want on the phone before you hand over the phone to your kids.

GPS Location Trackers

There are many apps which will give you an exact location of your kids and allows you to communicate with them too. Many of them are free of cost and works in all kinds of smartphones.

Other apps are also there which helps the parents create a geofence. These are digital boundaries and as soon the child crosses the boundary, it gives alert to the parents.

Such apps also have a panic button for kids, when the kids are in danger or if any trouble arises.

Last and finally, as a parent, you also have to improve a lot. Try to spend the least time on social media and block yourself and your kids from time-wasting sites.

To keep an eye on what your kid is messaging you can install snoopza text message interceptor app. For best results, try the snoopza now.

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