Best Tool To Remove Useless Files, Free Up Your Disk Space, R-Wipe & Clean Review

Apple invented the Mac OS X operating system for MacBook & iMac computers, and they are fairly optimized software. However, we wouldn’t say that it is highly-optimized for older machines. Mac OS X collects a lot of junk and slows down the machine, and it is noticeable in many ways. You cannot solve it by using in-built cleaning functions, and you will have some performance but not so effective. Fortunately, there are so many alternatives available in the market that remove junk from the PC.

What is R-Wipe & Clean?

What is R-Wipe & Clean?

R-Wipe & Clean is a Mac OS X program that enables the users to remove junk files in the machine. You have so many advanced options in the program that will delete Cache, Cookies, Junk, Tracing Files, Temporary Files, System History, Logs, and the list keep goes on. You have to go through a number of features listed below to comprehend and find out if it meets your requirements.

  • Supported OS

R-Tools technology has been around for two decades in the business line, and they understand the requirements of the Apple computer consumers. The company implemented designed the advanced software keeping older software in mind, and the support system starts from Mac OS X 10.7 Lion to the latest macOS 10.12 Sierra. You may already know that 10.7 Lion is a 2011 update from Apple, and you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

  • Cleaning Functionalists

Cleaning Functionalists

Your machine does slow down with time in older machines, and the cleaner does help in maintaining optimal performance. Mac OS X records many recent actions including documents, files, apps, servers, and more. The cleaner will remove all recently opened records that we have mentioned so far. Internet browsers store a lot of junk files in the machine, and we have seen significant performance improvement after removing it. The programs are effective for browsers, and you can remove Web History, Autofill Information, Recent Activity, Download History, etc.

  • Operating System Cleaning
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Operating System Cleaning

Apple added App Store for the compute,r and there are so many browsers available in the market. You got Safari (Apple), Chrome, Firefox, and more. You can select any browser for day-to-day tasks, and it will record Cache Files, Cookies, System Logs, Crash Reports, Diagnostic Reports, and other saved formed data. If your browser the internet for five hours a day, then you will have a minimum of 500MB worth of junk on the PC. R-Wipe & Clean brings browser cleaning capabilities, which removes all temporary files and browser-related. You can customize options, so you can remove what you don’t want in the PC and keep important ones like Bookmarks.

  • Records

You can keep a detailed report on the online & offline activity of your computer. The detailed representation will reflect in your iMac & MacBook computer, and you can keep a track of the activity. Of course, it is not a privacy invasion because the program does not share or save the information on the server. Your computer activity is within your machine, and you can choose to share it with others.

  • Scheduled R-Wipe & Clean

Nobody loves manual work, and you may even remember to clean the PC frequently. You can create an event or schedule it for the program to clean the PC automatically. Fortunately, you can schedule by adding time and days for the program to carry out the process.

  • R-Wipe & Clean Trial Period

Brands introduce new digital products for internet consumers, and it is difficult to try something new when you have so many products online. The R-Wipe & Clean is a premium solution, and it comes with a price tag. We cannot pay for a digital product without knowing the benefits and see if it is worth investing the money. R-Tools Technology understands the fears of digital customers and brought a 30-days trial version. You can download the trial version that won’t ask you to register an account or provide credit card details and experience the features for free-of-cost.

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Bottom Line

Try the program for 30-days without paying a single penny, and then you can make a final purchase decision. You can purchase the standalone license for $28.99 assuming that you loved R-Wipe & Clean for Mac computer. The macOS program consumes less CPU, RAM, and Storage resources and will run smoothly on older machines as well. Let us know what do you think about R-Wipe & Clean in the comment section below.

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