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Best Steering Wheels for VR Headsets

Best Steering Wheels for VR Headsets

Although when Virtual Reality was first presented car racing gamers would have to turn their heads from one side to the other in order to maneuver their cars, bad headaches and neck pain are nothing more than the past now.

As new VR and AR devices are created, the experience of Virtual Reality only becomes more real, if possible, and steering wheels can finally be added in the VR accessories list.

For racing games lovers, we’ve chosen 3 of the best steering wheels that you can purchase nowadays, all with different features but with one main thing in common: that they will take you further into the Virtual Reality racing world in no time.

  1. VR Entertainment Real Feel Car Racing Goggles and Steering Wheel

This Virtual Reality set is perfect for those who don’t already own a VR headset as it comes with both the goggles and the steering wheel. The wheel is connected via Bluetooth and it allows users to drive, accelerate, and use the brakes when playing.

The headset features adjustable straps for an ideal fit, foam to contour the face, and a cradle for the phone that can hold even the biggest models. Moreover, it’s compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and it’s super easy to set up.

The app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play; it comes with 4 different cars you can choose from and 8 tracks to race, and it has a vibration system that lets you feel collisions if you crash while racing.

It’s an affordable VR racing collection whose headset can be later used to play uncountable Virtual Reality apps of other genres, making it a great investment.

  1. Resulzon Force Feedback Racing Steering Wheel

Resulzon sells a kit specially designed for Virtual Reality racing games and it comes with a headset and a hi-tech driving wheel. Once you purchase the package, you’ll be able to download the game app for free from the App Store and Google Play.

The wheel uses AA batteries and it features Bluetooth connectivity so that it can be paired with your smartphone for an immersive gaming experience. A light on the back indicates when the wheel is connected and it allows users to drive, gain speed and use the brakes for total control.

As for the VR headset, it’s comfortable to wear and it can be adjusted to fit all sizes thanks to its T-shaped strap. These goggles are able to recreate 360° of panoramic scenery so you can see in all directions when playing.

The Resulzon offers high stimulation of the senses and the mind and it comes with different racing cars you can use, as well as awesome tracks that let you race against other players in order to unlock new car models and missions.

  1. Thrustmaster VG TS-XW Racer Sparco P310

This PC and Xbox steering wheel is compatible with any PC-oriented VR headset and although it is a pricey item, its features are definitely worth the price. The TS-XW is a real-sized wheel that’s the exact replica of a Sparco P310 Competition model and it functions thanks to a motor that uses up to 400-watt, designed to last even the longest of competitions.

This VR wheel comes with a pedal set made of metal which also includes a conical rubber brake mode for an even more realistic experience. Likewise, it has a dual belt-pulley system that allows it to work so smoothly that you will be totally immersed in the VR realm.

This is a powerful wheel with a Field Oriented Control that will answer to your demands in the slightest of touches and it has been made with high-quality materials that not only allow it to perform nicely but that also makes it long-lasting. An expensive but totally worthy investment.


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