Do you know Netflix? If you are using the Internet or not the chances are high for you to know Netflix. It is a very big movie and series streaming website which has a very huge user base. In 2017, Netflix income is greater than the total Bollywood’s Income. Have you ever think about why users are became addicted to Netflix? The only reason is that they have quality tv shows for their users. Speaking about the TV shows on Netflix there are almost tons of TV shows for you to watch and they also keep on updating their shows list.

Many of the new users are really stunned by watching the number of shows on the Netflix. For all those people this is the exact article for you to read, You can also stream latest stuff like best sites to watch TV Series Online In this article let us discuss some of the great TV shows you can watch on Netflix today itself. Also, if you have any shows to add on this list, feel free to let us know in the comments sections. Without wasting any more time lets start with our list.


Do you love Investigative shows? If you do so this show is a pearl for you.  In 1977, there is a serial killer who doesn’t leave any clues for the FBI agents. So, it’s very complicated for the agents to finding the killer.  Many agents starting their own research and the story moves on without any kind of lag in the stillness. If you are crime story lover you will definitely love it but in case you need some comedy in between the scenes Mind Hunter is the not the show you need.

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It is the some of the unique story lined show. Imagine the following situation. How is your life after 16 years of imprisonment which was given to you instead of the real victim? If you can’t imagine please watch this show you can know how that person’s life moving. Rectify has great cinematography which makes you stick with the show. In many places, the story is somewhat boring but this is some of the show which is really unique from the classic shows on the Internet.


You already get the storyline of this show. Isn’t it? Yes, it is the same detective drama which is created by the inspiration of Arthur’s novels. It is not the 90’s style detective drama but an updated version which has many things to entertain and kill your time. If you have time to watch these 90 minutes episode, surely you will enjoy and wait to see the next episode.  All the scenes are new so even if you watch many Sherlock shows and movies you won’t feel bored. It is actually created by the BBC in case you need some reference.


Share this article with your friends who are in search of some Netflix shows to watch. If you have any other shows which are to be added to this list let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

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