Did you know that the ordinary computer mouse can pose serious health risks to your hands?  Yes, for those who make use of the regular mouse for more than five hours in a day. Moreover, ergonomic mouse reviews can help you decide more on choosing the right mouse. The ergonomic mouse has been specially designed to give you comfort and has a structure which keeps your hand in a more natural state.

  1. Anker 2.4G Vertical Mouse

The Anker mouse is a vertical ergonomic mouse which is very sensitive to hand has been built to give comfort to the hands. It is very comfortable for those who need it for prolonged use. The Anker mouse is good for thumb pain and is the best mouse for those suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome. This mouse is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Manufactured to give you a firm grip, it also has a power saving mode which saves the battery when the mouse is left idle for a few minutes.

  1. Microsoft Sculpt Mouse

This mouse is designed to make navigation very easy. It can be used on any surface. However, it might not give you optimum results on clear glass. It is also designed to provide less strain on the fingers.

The Microsoft sculpt mouse has a god windows integration and gives the user quick access to the start menu with just a single click the windows button. You can use the tracking on any surface. The battery life lasts up to twelve months. The mouse’s wireless range at three meters helps you work sitting at a far distance.

  1. Logitech MX Master

The Logitech ergonomic mouse is uniquely designed making it compact and versatile for use.  It can be connected to more than one device through the Bluetooth technology or the multiple receivers.

It also has a WIFI/Wireless mouse can be connected to three devices at once switching between them with just one touch of your button which is located at the bottom. You can also customize your setting by downloading your software from the Logitech website. For the buttons to behave differently in different applications, you can program them to do just that.

  1. Microsoft Arch Touch

This is another mouse created by Microsoft. The Arch Touch was created with a stunning design and dynamics. It is however not suitable for those with wrist or finger pain. This mouse is portable to the extent that you can bend it when in use and flatten it when you keep it in your bag.

  1. The VicTsing 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse

This mouse has an ergonomic vertical design, unlike the normal type that strains your wrist and fingers during use.  Its users enjoy a more natural wrist and arm posture that results in long-term health benefits. The design is well structured with a contour shape to prevent hand movement. It has an independent switch button at the back that saves energy because it automatically switches to a power saving or a sleeping mode after about 10 minutes of inactivity.

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