Best Easy Way To Make Money, Just By Selling Your Photos Online

Best Easy Way To Make Money, Just By Selling Your Photos Online

Image-sharing sites have increased over the years as the number of people started to get online. Millions are joining the digital world every month, and photography plays an important role in the virtual world. You can enjoy beautiful scenarios at home without visiting the place, and enthusiastic photographers play a crucial role to explain the scenario in a picture. However, the market is not good enough for beginners to continue passion as there is little to no income involved in the market.

What is ClickASnap?

ClickASnap is an image-sharing site similar to others but with unique aspects that set it apart from the competition. The site is growing at a faster pace due to the photographer’s revenue model, and it offers an opportunity to the paying users to earn from views and sales. We have covered that part below and that’s what we are going to look at in the ClickASnap review.

Image-sharing Site Capabilities

We cannot ignore the basics and dive into the revenue model, as there is more to it than making money online. There is no doubt that this is an image-sharing site for users to upload images and photos to the world. You can create a free account and start uploading your creative snaps online.

All you need is an email address to confirm your identity, and you can access the platform without issues.


Registered users can engage with the creators, who have uploaded the images on the platform. Of course, you need an active account, so verify the email address and you will get access to it.

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You can leave comments to let the creators about the good work and leave a like to show appreciation. You don’t have to open the profile to follow the user and that’s what I loved about ClickASnap.

ClickASnap is not dependent on advertisement

This may seem unusual for an image-sharing site to add a monetization method to the platform. Every organization is required to have a business model to sustain the platform and ClickASnap chooses a unique way to do it.

We will explain each and every point with the help of packages.

Free Plan: You can create a free account and start using it. You can upload unlimited images and share them with your friends and community.

Ad-Free Plan (£2 per month): This is where you can generate income from a number of views. Users have to £2 per month to earn from a number of views and get an ad-free experience.

Note: Paying users will earn 0.40¢ per view with a minimum $15 payout.

Seller Plan (£4 per month): You can step up the game and sell HD images as products and add the “free digital download” option.

Pro Seller Plan (£6 per month): I implore the readers to spend time reading its features because that’s on another level.

The revenue model explains that ClickASnap is focusing on sustaining the business and they are not going to fall for practices that many social media giants are doing today.

Sell Images as Products

We have mentioned above that paying users will earn 0.40¢ per view, and the minimum withdrawal threshold is $15. However, ClickASnap knows that many viewers want to buy the image and showcase it for commercial or personal use.

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You can sell your HD Images to the world and earn a decent income from the number of sales. The image-sharing platform has over two million views per day, and that increases your opportunity.

There are limited or restrictions, and you can choose the sale price without interruptions. Of course, you have to maintain the quality, creative and unique aspects of the products because that’s what sells.

Copyright Protection

Unlike the competition, ClickASnap took necessary measures to prevent content theft. The website is designed to prevent users from taking snaps.

  1. You cannot take snapshots because the site blurs them.
  2. Minimizing the window won’t do any good either because it blurs the site instantly.
  3. In the “Pro Seller”, you get an advanced feature called “WIPT”, which is a watermark image protection technology. You can watermark all uploaded images, and they are not visible to the naked eye, yet it is copyrighted.

Of course, ClickASnap did a good job, and they are the first ones to take users to content seriously. I wouldn’t say it is perfect because I bypassed the browser, and I took snaps for the review. However, I did this on an advanced desktop operating system, so it is safe to say that only a fraction of viewers can do this.

Bottom Line

ClickASnap is growing at a faster pace, thanks to the contributing unique revenue model factors. Users can share, sell and engage with the creators, which is a perfect combination that is missing image-sharing site giant. Let us know what do you think about ClickASnap in the comment section below.

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