Top 13 Best chrome extensions for Reddit 2021

It is a social news and media aggregation site where registered users can submit content with text posts or direct links. Then, registered users can vote on the submitted content to determine their ranking position on the site. It is one of the highest-ranked websites in the United States, with millions of registered users.

However, Reddit is a website with a little less design. There has been no significant Reddit website transformation for a while. However, you can still use some Google Chrome extensions to perform much-needed overhauls of the site. Here is one of the best chrome extensions for Reddit that add new tools and options to Reddit and make the website look new.

Best Chrome Extensions for Reddit 2021


  1. Reddit Desktop Notification
    Reddit Desktop Notification

If you are delighted with Reddit, you don’t need keyboard shortcuts and filtering options. But you want to notify the route when you receive the current message. As the name suggests, Reddit Desktop Notification will send you desktop notifications. You can check the frequency area for new notes from your alternatives. The last time you set is 30 seconds.

  1. Reddit Reader-Reduce Clutter
    Reddit Reader-Reduce Clutter

Some subreddits like AskReddit invite a lot of comments on posts. Reddit is not unique at tackling these comments. The Chrome-Reader extension makes it easy to read long words. Add a “read” button below each comment.  Clicking on it will bring up a box with the whole statement. After reading, click “End Reading.” The pop-up box lets you choose between two font styles and provides a night mode. It is one of the best chrome extensions for Reddit.

  1. Reddit Mini-Instant access to subreddit

It lets you access Reddit with one click from any web page or tab in Chrome. Click on the extension icon and enter any subreddit that interests you, and it will open in the panel. You can look at all the comments and posts there, but you cannot comment from there. This panel displays images and videos in full size. Don’t expect self-text posts or YouTube linked posts to expand; when you click on them, they will direct you to the Reddit page.

  1. Reddit Comments Collapser Clear CommentsReddit Comments Collapser Clear Comments

As long as there is an exciting and controversial post on Reddit, it will receive lots of comments, and every comment thread can have its child threads, so it’s easy to get lost.

The bad news is that Reddit hasn’t addressed this mess. The good news is that we possess a great extension, the Reddit comment folder, which creates a dotted line between the beginning and the end of the comment. You can skip the comment string by clicking on the line.

  1. SHINE for Reddit-Enhance the appearance of RedditSHINE for Reddit-Enhance the appearance of Reddit

SHINE is a CSS overlay that improves the layout of Reddit and allows you to choose between a list view and a grid look. There is a MultReddit sidebar that has toggle buttons. You can also add Reddit Enhancement Suite with it.

You must access SHINE Bright to unlock some of its paid features, such as enhanced views, specific settings, night mode, and online media viewing.

  1. Hoover Zoom + View full-size images
    AlienTube -Experience Reddit on YouTube

Whenever you want to zoom in on an image on Reddit, it will open in a new tab or on Imgur. You can use the Hoover Zoom + extension for other websites to make zooming easier, and you can even zoom in on the video link. It forms a gallery of all images on the web and has hotkeys for saving photos and accessing the gallery.

  1. AlienTube Experience Reddit on YouTube

One of the best chrome extensions for Reddit, AlienTube, allows Reddit comments below the video, but only those you have shared on Reddit. You can decide restrictions on Reddit remarks that appear on YouTube and even restrict any subreddit from there.

  1. See It shows a preview of all floating links.

See It shows a preview of all the links you hover over and creates a new mini window for each connection. You can minimize or close as many windows as you like and even disable unnecessary link types such as image link previews.

  1. Reddit Companion shares web pages directly to Reddit

It permits you to share web pages from your web page directly to Reddit. Click on the extension icon and share the current web page with the help of the toolbar that opens. Also, add a title to the Reddit post and click “Submit.”


The submit button directs you to the Reddit page, where you can configure the subreddit. The extension also displays new message notifications and allows voting or voting on saved web pages.

Reddit Companion -directly share a webpage on Reddit

  1. Reddit Web App

Reddit is one of the most amazing apps to revamp Reddit. This app has a separate tab that adds a new column and stream view to Reddit. Reddit users can explore subreddits in multiple columns or by selecting subreddit streams from a sidebar. You can also customize the tab page by adding a new background to it, adjusting fonts sizes, or selecting a dark theme. If that isn’t adequate, the app includes an Infinite Column Scroll setting, hover zoom for images, multiple account support, and a gallery mode for pictures.

Reddit Client App -Revamp the look

Open this page to add Reddit Web App to Chrome. Then you can open the app by going to ‘chrome://apps’ in the browser’s URL bar. Click Reditr on the Apps tab to open it. Click Stream View or Column View on the sidebar to switch between the two view modes. You can further customize the Reditr page tab by clicking Theme or General on the sidebar. Isn’t it one of the best chrome extensions for Reddit?

Reddit Client App -Revamp the look

  1. Thread

Comment threads in a post can transform into very lengthy, short topics and sometimes rap battles. Comments in any thread are the things that make it worth reading. And you frequently discover much more advice in these comments. If you seem it hard to follow or mess with the format of comments, as a Redditor, try Threadit. It comprises entire groups of comments posted in reaction to the comments in a secure box, letting you read the comment instead of the thin lines on the distant left.

  1. Reddit Reveal

Reddit is almost two things; Karma and Cats. It adds karma to each user on a Reddit link page and next to their name in comment threads. You need not have an account or sign in to the site to view the karma earned by users. Cats can safeguard you from a dumpster, but karma is hard-earn. If you are ever interested in how much karma someone has, just going to the front page. You can also go through the comments.

  1. Reddit Hyper Jump

If you follow many subreddits, and we mean a LOT, you can probably do with a more convenient way to switch to one. Reddit Hyper Jump puts in a redirect bar, which lets you type as you type will take the subordinate to do. Its name. PAlt + R to bring up the search bar and order a subreddit name to open it in the same tab.

Hence, these are some of the best chrome extensions for Reddit. Which one is your favorite? And tell us as to which one of these fantastic extensions you are going to use.