Benefits of VoIP Numbers

Benefits of VoIP Numbers

Every business and internet user looking for cost effective solutions for telecommunications has probably wondered which telephone system is the best choice for primary communication needs. When comparing copper-based PSTN telephony with IP as a communications base, there is no doubt the latter allows savvy users to capitalize on new technologies at incredible low costs.

The implementation of these systems has gained popularity and has been widely adopted for personal and enterprise usage for quite a long time. Due to the great capability of reducing costs of phone bills while being able to increase productivity and performance of consumers, Internet Protocol services are as useful as they claim to be.

Voice and data internet tools enhance communication processes by allowing all parties to receive and share the same information simultaneously. This is where VoIP telephony makes its entrance as a potential replacement of the regular phone system. Let’s know more about this cloud-based technology.

Voice over Internet Protocol

It is a brand-new virtual telephony that is not directly associated with a telephone line or device, in comparison to landlines. Organizations and netizens from all over the world can use a VoIP system from a physical handset, a mobile smartphone or even a desktop software application, which is why they can have access to many phone numbers associated to a single phone line.

Some VoIP services offer features that are available for an additional fee (or not available at all) with traditional telephony, such as voice and video calls, fax and voice/text messaging. The benefits of VoIP over traditional Public Switched Telephone Network are extensive, since they facilitate tasks and deliver functions that may be cumbersome or costly to implement.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important profits of switching to a VoIP telephone system:

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Lower Costs

Generally, traditional phone lines charge for each minute spent during a call, which may represent a serious expense that could be invested in other purposes. Many VoIP telephone providers offer inexpensive (or even free) domestic and long distance calls that are automatically routed via internet links.

In matters of hardware and software, VoIP systems limit costs associated to specific equipment required to operate a telephony – just a good internet connection is enough. The implementation of this virtual phone service eliminates the need for businesses and internet surfers to purchase their own phones and infrastructure, which can obviously result in huge money savings.

Service Mobility

Traditional phone systems require a unique number to be assigned to each line, which is why they demand a specific location in order to set up the service. As a result of this, consumers waste a lot of time contacting phone companies to transfer services and phone numbers to new locations.

VoIP systems work a little different, since they don’t generate any physical limitation to their users. Connections with businesses and personal communications remain steady when moving from one location to another, which can be a tremendous benefit to enterprises that are on-the-go.

Versatility of Features

VoIP offers a full range of features such as caller ID, contact lists, call forwarding, email, text messages and voicemail-to-text transcriptions directly sent to the inbox, normal calls, voicemail and video conferences.

Due to its flexible nature, many providers design custom VoIP services based on the needs of each individual. Since it is implemented in the cloud, it is possible for businesses to have a phone system with internal extension numbers for employees in every corner of the world.

The above are just some of the amazing features VoIP phone systems offer to users, so they can perform multiple tasks in a much more productive and cheaper way. 

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Security is essential to every business, no matter how big it is. A disruption to the phone system would be more than catastrophic. VoIP systems can easily be encrypted in order to become more secure and to protect important information from unnecessary hacks.

Having a security profile associated to a VoIP number rather than a regular telephone keeps users from making and receiving unauthorized calls from different parts of the world. Call logging enables users a strict control of the service, since they can get access to specific information about the calls, such as date, time and place.

High Reliability

Since this telephony depends on a good internet connection, one could think that whenever users lack of network, they also lack of these services – well, this is not entirely true. One of the benefits of VoIP reliability is that calls will always be forwarded to mobile phones and other devices that have this service incorporated. This also means that weather issues and power outages are no longer a problem to VoIP systems.

Easy Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

VoIP phones are very easy to install, since there is no need to have expert technicians to put together phone wiring throughout the place. Instead, they are literally plug-and-play devices.

Moreover, VoIP software makes it really simple to add new contacts through a web portal that allows moving, adding or changing the system’s configuration much easier. The maintenance is quite basic and simple, rarely requiring professional support.

What’s the bottom line?

Sophisticated businesses and internet users around the globe are embracing this powerful technology, as they take advantage of all the amazing benefits it provides in order to improve their performance while driving down costs.

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Within this virtual phone system, there are a number of solutions for different kinds of purposes including online account verifications, which is the case of Non-Fixed VoIP telephones.

More commonly referred to as Non VoIP, these virtual numbers don’t need to be associated to any geographical location and are commonly used by services like Skype and Google Voice. Among the many Non VoIP number providers, there is one that stands out the most due to its transparency and best prices on the market: VerifyWithSMS.

What’s the bottom line?

Operated by the Epsilon Technology LTD company, this number verification service offers an alternative solution to bypass important procedures when registering online in different platforms.

Its mission goes beyond facilitating account validations through phone numbers – VerifyWithSMS seeks to provide security and confidence in customers, so that they don’t expose any kind of confidential information.

Users from all over the world can purchase real US Non VoIP numbers through a variety of payment methods from the comfort of their homes. Different services like Youtube, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, PayPal, Amazon, Gmail and even Google Voice and Skype can be verified in a much effective and trustworthy way.

Without a doubt, this service is simple, fast and reliable. Count on VerifyWithSMS as your dedicated Non VoIP provider and start making the best out of your favorite platforms with their real US based phones. Don’t waste more time and go take a look!

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