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Addictive Mobile Rhythm Games

by Ganesh Kolekar

Rhythm games started on consoles and were made popular by the likes of Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. These days, rhythm games on consoles have significantly died down and they have found a new home in mobile devices instead.

This genre of games challenges a player’s sense of rhythm and they usually focus on dance or musical instruments. Players will be required to press a sequence of buttons as the speed and number of buttons appearing on the screen increases.

Do note that the games on this list are rather varied, as we try to accommodate different types of players. As all these games are available on iOS, make sure you Apple users reload on your iTunes Cards in case of any in-app purchases.

Now, without further ado, let us get into the list of some of the most addictive mobile rhythm games out there.

Arcaea – New Dimension Rhythm Game

Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game

Platforms: iOS, Android

 The game tells the story of two girls in a broken world known as Arcaea surrounded by broken melodical shards of itself, a remnant of what it once was. The game has a Story mode which is then broken into the Main Stories – split into two character paths and Side Stories which are split into four character paths. Story Mode is different from the World Mode which focuses on the world of Arcaea itself.

Arcaea is an arcade style rhythm game with over 160 songs from 100 different artists who have worked on various other games. The game constantly has content updates, so the story progresses and the levels get harder. Essentially, you won’t get bored as you journey through this ruined world.

Cytus 2

Cytus 2

Platforms: iOS, Android

Cytus was a huge hit when it was first launched in 2012, and in my opinion I would say that this game was one of the first games that launched the popularity of rhythm games on mobile platforms. Everyone I knew played Cytus back then. Rayark Games, the publishers of Cytus went on to create DEEMO and VOEZ which went on to become a global success. It’s safe to say that Rayark Games are the current title holders of the king of rhythm games.

Cytus 2 incorporates an Active Judgement Line rhythm game playstyle where players will have to tap the notes as the judgement line hits them for a higher score. There will be five different kinds of notes to hit and the judgement line will actively adjust itself according to the beat of the music.

There will be over 300 different charts designed from easier ones to harder ones as well as over a hundred songs from composers around the world – different characters will have different genres assigned to them. There is also the enticing feeling of piecing together the story that makes up the world of Cytus.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows PC & Phone, Mac OS

Geometry Dash is basically a mix of a rhythm and platformer game. You would have to jump, flip and fly your way through challenges and obstacles with an addictive rhythm to boot. There is also an option for you to build your own levels with the level editor option, so wild out and get creative!

A cute aspect is that your character is customizable and the best part is that there is no in app purchases, so you don’t have to go around clutching your wallets tight. A practice mode is available to sharpen your skills and there are aspects where you can fly rockets and flip gravity as well. Doesn’t that sound fun? No wonder it’s an addictive deal.

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

Platforms: iOS, Android

This game is one of the more straightforward games on this list as it doesn’t contain any storyline or extreme gameplay. But as the greats like to say, there is beauty in simplicity. All you have to do in this game is touch, hold and drag the ball to make it jump on the tiles which are placed according to the beat of the song. The ball automatically jumps whenever the beat drops, so keep that in mind.

The recent update of the game enables you to input your own preferred song and play along. Caution though, that as simple as this game may be, it does get addictive – especially for those who have a competitive edge to them. You can always compare highscores with your friends and beat them to smithereens. Note that this is not a tapping game though, so don’t look like an idiot and feel your way through the challenges as you go.

Muse Dash

Muse Dash

Platforms: iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac OS

Muse Dash is a combination of a parkour and rhythm game, where you can choose between three characters and fight against monsters with music and rhythm. It sounds and looks like a platformer but the attacks and controls are similar to the other rhythm games on this list. As it says on the page, dance your way through the battles and kick your enemies to outer space!

This is a relatively new game and currently only has about 30 songs but the content is being updated continuously. There will be different music styles according to the different bosses, scenes and battles. The game contains some light VO and cutesy neon-like visuals.

Hachi HachiHachi Hachi

Platforms: iOS, Android

Hachi Hachi is the first real time player vs player rhythm game ever available on mobile devices and it is brought to you by Skytree Digital Limited. The game contains various genres of music and each piece has a story behind it for players to unveil.

There are two modes available, Casual Mode and Arena Mode. In Casual Mode, you choose your own piece of music as well as difficulty and the game will match you up with another player of similar difficulty. Of course, you can skip all that and do a solo play through – it’s your call!

For Arena Mode, a tournament is held every week and you can enter by using the in-game virtual coins. Each match will be a random player with a random song and difficulty. The more matches you win, the bigger your rewards will be.

And that’s all we have, folks!

Be warned that when you start playing these games, you would have a hard time putting your mobile devices down. You might tell yourself you can handle it well but.. Can you? And, if you’re a seasoned player in the rhythm-based game world, mind telling us your favorite game? Go wild in the comments below!

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