A Definitive Guide to be an Ethical Leader

Being a manager, there is a lot of difference between being a leader and being a boss. Where a leader guides and boss orders, a leader inspires and boss manages. The main difference lies in how you view the relationship with your employees and how you make them feel. An ethical leader takes it as a responsibility to guide, nurture and inspire their employees and help them thrive by being an example. They need to be aware of everything from workplace politics to employee engagement activities.

A leadership that is directed by respect for ethical values and beliefs and for the rights and dignity of others is perceived as ethical leadership. It is mainly related to virtuous behavior and moral development.

It may sound like a skyscraper, however, it is more achievable than you think. We have gathered some tips from the most successful leaders around the world on how to become an ethical leader.

Set your values

Think about the morals you were raised with, treat others how you want them to treat you, help those who struggle, always say thank you and etc. however your values tend to shift as you grow and society progresses.

The values which were used to be considered as good, right and just are now up for considerable debate. The environment of relativism is going hard on value-based leaders. This has become a massive challenge for ethical leaders in our culture and as well as at our workplaces.

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Have you ever asked yourself what is important to you? Figure it out and then align it with your priorities as a manager. Set your values not only to express your authenticity, it helps your team and encourages them to do the same.

Look for people with similar values

Start with the hiring process and establish a common ground with your team. As your value doesn’t need to be identical with those of your worker, look for employees with similar values and terms.

It is widely believed that every person is not fit for every company. Organizations today need to pay more attention while hiring they need to look for the value as well instead of just taking in them for experiences or recommendations in many cases.

However, it is being suggested that companies should hire people with different experiences and perspectives so each can offer their own version of a solution. Anyhow, it could be difficult to find and hire people who share the same values. Nobody wants to work with someone who doesn’t share similar values or worse don’t respect them, it is very tough for a dynamic team to work in such an environment.

Encourage communication

Every person is different in their own way, even though they have similarities they can be quite different at times. Be aware of every decision you make, always encourage feedback and stay transparent about it. It will help you to become a better leader and will also allow your working to share ideas and concerns.

Promoting open communication is one of the most important responsibilities in a modern office environment and more importantly, listening to employees. It has been seen that a lot of employees reach out to authorities to change policies and take stand on current issues. Now a company can’t bend on everyone’s demand, however, they need to come up with a way where workers can raise their viewpoints, where they feel that someone is listening to their problem and receive some kind of follow up about why the certain thing can or cannot happen.

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Encouraging a feed is a great way to help your team flourish and improve leadership helping you to propel your business.

Avoid being Biased

Being human, most of us consist of credence, belief or subconscious that could be invalid or erroneous. However none want to confess their flaws, but lack of self-awareness can lead to a biased personality.

Nearly every one of us has been bais at some point, we have never really called out because we never challenged. Now that the workforce is diverse, some of the exposed biased may be called out. People at managerial posts need to look at themselves and be honest at what they do. Once you let go of your biased side you will experience that people will start perceiving you more differently. Being an open-minded leader you build a better relationship with your employees.

Be an example

In order to raise an ethical empire, one needs to start from the top. Your employees always look up to you, observe your behavior, values, and choices and will endorse them in themselves. To lead effectively, a good leader walks on the line and wants others to follow. To ensure an ethical environment, leading by example is the best way. This gesture insights respect and let your team see that you truly believe in them.

Embrace transparency

The best way to gain your employee’s trust is to demonstrate transparency in your workplace. By definition, in a transparent workplace, everything is shared; future plans, goals and even failures. If you are using any kind of time management apps to keep track of their productivity, be completely transparent about it. This gesture will not only help you to be a better leader but also helps your employees to see insights and be more productive at the end of the day. Lastly, care for yourself only then you are able to care for others.

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