8 Things You Need To Do In WOW TBC Classic

8 Things You Need To Do In WOW TBC Classic

Want to build a venture beyond the dark portal? If yes, then WOW TBC Classic is the game you should be playing. Not just that you can also take advantage of the dark portal pass and deluxe edition features.

WOW TBC Classic

This game has a number of things that even their regular players are unaware of, and with this post, we are going to talk about 8 of those things.

We will also discuss platforms like p2pah.com which you as a WOW TBC Classic Gold player should know.

8 Things You Need To Do In WOW TBC Classic 

When this game was launched there was a lot of buzz around its overall gameplay, the technical side of the game, and many more such things.

But still, not everyone was able to discover everything in this game. Moreover, people loved the classic gold variant of this game, and as it’s difficult to get one we can help you get cheap wow tbc gold.

Let’s discuss those 8 things you need to do in the game:

1. Moving through the dark portal:

If you have played the game then you must have noticed that the blasted lands are such a zone that was not loved by the players. Because there were a number of issues like

  • There was nothing more to do.
  • The zone was filled with demons, corrupted animals, blood elves, and more.
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That’s why going through the dark portal is something which you should do. After passing the dark portal you would be able to take advantage of extra quests and many more such additions.

Most people think they know everything about the dark portal, but you won’t believe most of them are unaware of the location of the dark portal.

Hence one would be able to know more about it just by passing the dark portal.

2. The outland factions:

There are a number of outland factions that you can explore in this game. But you will notice that some of those factions are loyal to the horde or alliance, while on the other hand, you will find factions that are neutral and are accessible to all the players.

In case you are unaware of factions then a small example of it is The Cenarion Expedition and the Sha’tar of Shattrath City. These are considered universal factions.

Now the question is why you should or need factions? So the answer is whenever you are going to raids, you would require the best gears, vendors, and factions that can help you enhance the chances of your successful raids.

Hence if you are able to enhance your rankings then you can also take advantage of dangerous gears from the faction quartermaster.

3. The Fel Reaver:

You are not a WOW TBC Classic game player if you are unaware of the Fel Reaver. It is around 20 stories tall and you will notice that it makes a weird noise.

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But at the last link in the attunement chain for the Shattered Halls you will notice a self-destruction button or thing, with the help of which you can destroy it and get a chance for revenge.

4. Professional skills:

You should be aware of your professional skills such as gathering and herbalism skills, with the help of first you can gather new things or skills, while with the herbalism skills you can enhance your power.

In short, it works like power-ups.

Most people are unaware of the fact that there are a number of quests in the game with the help of which you can get more professional skills. But the condition is you should have a certain skill level to unlock that professional skill.

5. Scryers & Aldor selection:

Whenever you will arrive in Shattrath City, you would be able to take a quick overview or a tour of the town and at the last of the tour, you would have to choose between Scryers and Aldor.

If you want to make the right choice between them then we would like to mention that, Aldor is associated with the alliance and the Scryers are connected with the Horde.

While most of the people make a decision based on the gear that both the factions have to offer to them.

6. Saving gold to get a flying mount:

Most of the players are not aware of it, but players have ten levels to put together the gold for the training. If you want to get an expert riding flying mount then you would have to spend 250 gold, while on the other hand, Artisan Riding costs 5000 gold.

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The benefit of saving your gold for a flying mount is that you would be able to access those places in the outland that are only accessible via a flying mount.

7. Shadowmoon valley:

Do you want to visit a place in the WOW TBC Classic game that offers the most number of things to you? If yes, then Shadowmoon valley is for you.

This place also comprises the black temple. Not just that you will also find lore and gears at this place that can help you win the most difficult raids in the game.

8. Draenei:

You must know that Shaman is a popular class and in this game, you can access the race with the information to take on this ancient magical art. You can also take advantage of the best racial mounts and the elekk.

This was all about the 8 things you need to do in WOW TBC Classic Gold.


Well, now you know that getting access to WOW TBC Classic gold is not expensive, and with the help of websites and links discussed in this post, you can easily access it. While we also had a look at the 8 things that you need to do in WOW TBC Classic.

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