7 Programming Languages For Web Developers

The software development is the energetic field in which the new features, technologies and programming languages involved. The developers want to continuously learn more about the new skills and languages to remain relevant. For the web development, the programming language is essential.

It is nothing but the special language programmers where the developers use to build up software programs, scripts and another set of instructions for the computers to execute. It is designed for the appearance and definition of text. There are wide ranges of programming languages, buy below given are the top seven programming languages which are recommended for the web developers.

Top Programming languages for web developers

  1. PHP

PHP is the most popular programming language. It is mainly used as the CMS foundation for WordPress and any others websites such as the Facebook and Wikipedia. It is normally considered as the beginner-friendly language because it is very easy to conceptualize. A massive number of websites has been built with the PHP because it is closely specialized for the websites. PHP is the completely functioning programming language where the developers can easily apply to create websites and sustain scripts.

  1. Python

Python is the common programming language which is used for the web development. As well as it is the support language for the web developers. It is mainly used in the data mining, scientific computing, and machine learning. This programming language has gained more popularity because of the nonstop growth and exact for the machine learning developers.

For beginners, the Python seems to be one of the greatest and easiest programming languages. This language has many features such as the object-oriented, functional programming styles, procedural and flexible. The programmers can utter concepts in smaller code lines with its readable and simple code. Overall it is an open source and free language.

  1. Angular JS

Angular JavaScript is another popular programming language which is used for the web development. It is the structural framework for the energetic web pages. With the aid of this language, the developers can use HTML as the pattern language and it allows for the expansion of syntax to express the application components with ease. It is the completely featured JavaScript framework.

  1. Node JS

Node JS is the open source and runtime language which executes JavaScript code exterior the browser. Basically, the JS is used primarily for the client side scripting. It is nothing but the server-side JavaScript. This language is the single threaded environment. The main feature of this language is highly scalable and performance. Overall it has gained more popularity among the web developers.

  1. React JS

React JS is one of the well-known programming languages in the web development. It is used for building user interfaces. The React can be used as the support in the particular page development or mobile applications. Basically, the React JavaScript is the open source JS library which is mainly used for building user interfaces, particularly for the single page applications. As well as it is used for handling and view layer for the mobile and web applications. This language is so simple and easy to learn for the web developers. The features of it are simplicity, high performance, testability and much more.

  1. HTML

HTML is another programming language for the web developers. It is the standard markup language for creating web applications and web pages. HTML stands for the HyperText Markup Language. This language describes the web pages structure by using the markup. The elements in it are represented by the tags. The HTML elements are used to build blocks of web pages.

  1. CSS

CSS stands for the Cascading Style Sheets. It is one of the popular programming languages in the web development. This language allows the web developer to make a decision and describe how a website will finally look to the visitors of the web. The impacts of the CSS are font style, size, layout, colors, and other design elements. This is the markup language which is applied to many types of documents such as the XML, XUL, and SVG documents.  The syntax is most similar to the HTML and XHTML. It is easy to learn language for the web developers.

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