5 Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Call Centers

5 Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Call Centers

Call centers are increasingly introducing AI into their offices, and we can see this change in the way call centers deal with clients now. Call center automation is revamping customer service as more and more people are adopting digital technologies, the burden of service becomes too great to be handled by employees alone.

It is imperative to deploy advanced technologies to deal with the problems of the future, and AI call center services are becoming a future-ready solution that can tackle a variety of problems without involving human resources.

In this blog, we highlight five ways in which AI is transforming call centers.

1. Faster responses

Through AI, queues at a call center can be avoided as the solution is highly scalable and able to handle large volumes of data simultaneously. While employees struggle to keep up with the growing volumes of support requests, delays plague the system. But with call center automation, software offices can delegate repetitive and rudimentary tasks to machines, ensuring faster response and reduced mean ticket resolution time.

2. Employee productivity

An artificial intelligence call center is highly adaptable and just as productive in a paired environment as it is when deployed independently. Employees can be supplemented with a virtual assistant to provide them with information in real-time during an ongoing session with a client, making the employee better equipped to resolve incoming queries. AI makes it possible for an employee to resolve issues faster and better.

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3. Insights

AI is capable of generating comprehensive reports on customer behaviors which can be studied to tweak marketing strategies. The insights provided by an AI system originate from a variety of sources, including client history, spending habits, interests, and even conversational tone. All this information can help create individual profiles, understand the buyers’ market and adjust sales pitches.

4. Conversational AI

AI call center technology can be used to understand the emotions of a customer during a conversation with a chatbot. This process is known as sentiment analysis and can be used to prioritize service requests by triggering sentiment-specific responses and escalating matters on demand. When customers require immediate assistance or when the matter at hand is highly complex, these systems can instantly transfer the clients to an agent for personalized service.

5. Customization

Through a deeper understanding of customer behavior, a tailored user experience can be delivered to each customer. An AI chatbot call center can gauge the needs of the customer through previous and incoming data creating a comfortable environment for visitors. These tailored experiences can be delivered simultaneously and are able to adapt to situations without involving employees. Machine learning algorithms can comprehend conversations and evolve during a session.


With the ever-increasing volumes of support requests and limited human capital, automation in call centers is the obvious next step. To improve user experiences as well as employee productivity, the call center must adopt practices that can resolve issues for them in record time and easily scale with the growth of the organization.

Call centers heavily rely on humans for a majority of their operations; however, a large portion of those processes involve rudimentary practices that can be performed perpetually by AI programs without any instance of the error.  These exciting new technologies are taking the modern business to new frontiers where the best of human capabilities can be further improved.

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