5 Smart Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign Tips to Follow in 2019 and Further Beyond

Are you aware why most of the top Digital Marketing Agencies are firmly concentrating on PPC Advertising Campaigns? It’s because of the various encouraging stats that have allured them to boost their traffic and conversations. Do you also want to get familiar with these stats and numbers?

  1. Paid Search Ads can upsurge your brand awareness by 80%.
  2. 53% of consumers use their mobile devices to click on paid ads.
  3. The top three paid ads on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) account for 46% of the clicks.
  4. 73% of users click more on video advertisements as compared to display banners.
  5. 65% of the buyer intent keywords are paid ads.

Pay-Per-Click is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics that drive faster results in comparison to search engine optimization and content marketing. But if you want to create an effective PPC campaign, it’s important to proceed with an innovative approach.

So, let’s discuss the smart PPC Ad campaigns that you should follow in 2020 and further beyond to put your online business on the top.

  1. Focus on the Right Keywords 

Some people may have the impression that keyword selection is a pivotal SEO strategy, but you have to bid on the particular matching keywords for PPC campaign based on your ad. The effectiveness of your ad depends on various factors such as the budget. Thus, you need to ensure to place your bid on the right keywords.

Let’s take the example of Google AdWords. If you want to get the best keyword suggestions, you need to choose viable tools such as Keyword Planner. However, you also need to keep in mind that your competitors can also bid for the same keywords, so choose intelligently.

  1. Having Proper Knowledge of the Marketing Funnel Concept 
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Let me tell you if you are planning to adopt this PPC ad campaign, it’s vital to first know the marketing funnel and its different stages.

In the first place, you need to create awareness and interest through a PPC campaign. Here again, you need to use keywords to make the audience familiar with what your business offers.

Once people know about your products and services through the marketing funnel, they develop a purchasing intent. This is the time when you should maximize the opportunity and specifically deploy a social media marketing strategy to increase your brand visibility. You also have to look out for particular keywords for specific people. Remember, you aim to convert the purchasing intent of your target audience.

  1. Involving the Call to Action Strategy

Call to Action is a powerful marketing tactic that suggests your target audience is on what they should do after clicking on your ad. The best example of a call to action is ‘Buy Now.’

Calls to Action can directly link up with your ad campaign to improve sales, lead, and profit. Also, CTAs play a vital role in boosting the different types of conversations as well.

At the same time, your content should offer value to convince the customers. In other words, you need to tell your consumers why they should opt for your products and services.

Remember to stick to one goal and CTA in the same campaign because using multiple CTAs at the same time will lead to an increase in your budget. Please note that when the PPC ads request consumers to take any action, they must be laser-focused.

  1. Prioritize on Quality Over Quantity 
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When it comes to following innovative PPC ad campaigns, you just don’t have to focus on planning your budget estimate but also prioritize the quality of your ads too. If we have to measure this activity in terms of Adwords, it is known as Quality Score.

The Quality Store not only considers the click-through rate but also pays attention to how relevant your ad is based on the selected keywords. Thus, you need to focus on improving your Quality Score before anything else. Please make sure that you have removed all those keywords for the ad groups, where they are irrelevant.

  1. Eliminate the Clicks Which Are Not Converting

Another SEO strategy, which will get more attention in the coming days, is cutting down on the clicks that are not converting.

Let me explain this in simple words. Suppose you get people who are clicking on ads, but they are not your actual target audience whom you are looking to bank on.

For example, if you are selling a particular category of products but you don’t wish to appear your ad for people, who are searching for some other brand. One of the steps that you can take is implementing the negative keyword modifiers to ensure that your ad does not appear on the irrelevant sites.

Now, what are the negative keywords? Let’s explain it in easy terms. For instance, you offer on-demand video services to your client. Make sure you add free as a negative keyword if you are not offering a free trial.

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You Have to Take the Final Call 

Several other PPC campaign strategies will gain spotlight in 2020 and further beyond. These include focusing on ad groups, targeting local customers, and catching the local market. We hope that these vital tips will help you to improve your pay-per-click campaign and increase your ROI.

Author Bio

Bharat Patel, who heads the digital marketing team at Brainvire Infotech, is armed with over 12 years of experience in the fields of online marketing and project management. He is extremely proactive in implementing the latest technological innovations in his projects. Bharat’s core expertise lies in search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization, among other things. His immense flare of writing encourages him to consistently pen down words revolving around current trends and innovations that relate to his fields of interest.

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