5 Reasons Why Instagram Stories is better than Snapchat

5 Reasons Why Instagram Stories is better than Snapchat

Instagram is a popular social networking media similar to Facebook, Twitter. One can share their photos, video, blogs, and open an account to get news feed. Here you get news about others who have joined Instagram. One can follow others like and share their video as well. You can even get recommendations for better video. Moreover, in case you can reach the most popular list then he/she will be considered as a known person or rather an Instagrammer. The number of views that one gets makes a clear justification about how well known the person is or how famous he has become. One can buy views directly from real Instagram views via Spire and upgrade his or her level or standard among other users.

Facts about Snapchat

Snapchat is rather a messaging app which nowadays is commonly used among teenagers but is widely used by adults as well. It is a bit different from Facebook, twitter, Instagram and the rest. It has become a trend amongst the teenagers and young adults to use Snapchat and interact with friends about their day or something casual using the funny or wide range of filters. One uses numerous filters for photo clicks and shares it with friends. The person can even upload a story which remains for not more than 24 hrs. and can be seen for as many times possible and can be saved or you can even take a screenshot of the same. The filters of Snapchats are cool enough to attract youths.

Instagram vs. Snapchat

Instagram is much safer to use than Snapchat because Instagram helps in availing high-quality pictures in any scenario, even while trailing using best trail camera if searched using hashtags. This is what you can know from genuine Instagram views. Snapchat on the other hand more like clicking photographs and sending and chatting in the manner. If we consider business or professional field, then Instagram gives a better platform to those who want to do something, but Snapchat is never that pronounced when talking about the professional field. In Instagram, no one is so much interested to know what is going on in someone else’s life what they had for lunch or what they have been doing the entire day.

This does not even make sense, but many freaks are desperate enough to know what is going on in someone else’s life what they had for dinner and so much more. Thus this is what we get to know from apt Instagram views where a famous person talks about his or her daily life and describes it through a video. Also, there are some apps like instadp where you can see or download instagram profile picture or instagram timeline images. He explains by writing, and he makes use of numerous hashtags which seems to be attractive to the viewers, you could choose from a range of the Best Instagram Bios.

Obsession in the Real Sense

Today’s kids are more obsessed by smartphones than books, and this is a factor to be concerned about. They share photos which can prove to be detrimental. It is not safe to use Snapchat for kids. But to some extent, today’s kids should not be using either of any of these apps like Facebook, twitter, Instagram. They should be more considerate about books and studies. Today’s youth needs a very cool platform with extraordinary, breathtaking features so that they can upload personal pictures or videos which simpler by buying instagram followers .

This is considered as a way of entertainment for them. But this is harmful. They agree to the terms and conditions without knowing what they are actually up to. In Snapchat, their photos become viral instantly, and all can view the same. So before posting things online one should be concerned about the photographs that are being shared. But when it comes to perfect Instagram views, it is much safer as you can take the decision regarding which photos you can share publicly.

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