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5 Kinds of Technology Your Business May Find Useful

5 Kinds of Technology Your Business May Find Useful

If you own a business, you probably want to do all you can to reduce operating costs, automate as many processes as possible, and do anything else that helps everything run smoother. That often means finding ways to integrate new technology whenever it becomes available.

Let’s look at a few tech examples that can help your business. These are all available now, and if you’re not using them yet, you run the risk of falling behind your competitors and potentially losing some clients.


You might have heard the term “DDI” before, but you may not be sure exactly what it means. The DDI meaning in networking is a combination of a couple of different concepts.

Part of it is DNS, or domain name systems. The other aspects are DHCP, or dynamic host configuration protocol, and IPAM, or IP address management.

The reason you might want to implement DDI for your business is that if you do, you can easily access routing to all services and applications that your company utilizes. You can keep your network traffic flowing much faster in an office setting. You also increase your security so that it’s much harder for any unauthorized individual to access your network.


If you go on some websites, you’ll see that chatbots are waiting to talk to you. These bots are examples of AI, or artificial intelligence.

If you set up a chatbot for your business website, it can communicate with potential customers at any hour of the day. This way, you won’t irritate any current or future customer who wants you to answer some questions about the products you make or the services you provide.

It doesn’t cost all that much to hire someone to create a chatbot for you. You can get them to make a proprietary one that you can program to answer all kinds of queries.

If the chatbot gets a question that it can’t answer, it can refer the website user to a live operator. This way, you need far fewer individuals to answer consumer questions, so you can cut back on your operational staff.

3D Printing

3D printing is another technology form that many businesses are learning how to use these days. If you get a 3D printer, or more than one, you can create prototypes much easier during your product testing phase.

Biomedical labs and tech startups use 3D printing a lot because it saves them money that they would otherwise spend on R and D. The aspect of 3D printing that appeals to so many companies is that you can cut down on the time between the prototype and product launch.

If you have many ideas for new products, 3D printing can be what it takes to get them onto store shelves. If you’ve got a vivid imagination, you can create new products using 3D printers within weeks that might have taken years in the past.

Smart Payments

If you run any kind of business, you probably already know that the more payment methods you offer your potential customers, the more likely they will buy something from you. That’s what made credit cards so successful decades ago.

Smart payments are today’s version of payment innovation. You can start taking payment methods for your services and products such as Apple Pay, Coin, Google Wallet, and so forth.

The typical company that starts to accept new payment methods will see a significant sales increase in no time. Your business is liable to be much more successful if you start looking into ways to take these new payment methods that keep coming out every year.

Virtual or Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality options are also becoming very popular in many different niches and with several companies. Gamers love virtual reality, but you can also use it to show people how furniture would look in a room. That’s why so many furniture companies are utilizing it to convince people to buy from them who need that little extra push.

Real estate is another niche that is seeing significant benefits from virtual and augmented reality. If a realtor can show a space without actually needing to be there in person, they might be able to sell a home, even if the buyer is on the other side of the country.

You might also look into things like big data processing tools and smart wearables. There’s no limit to the new tech from which your business can benefit.

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