5 Important Applications Of Kydex And How It Is Being Used In Self-Defense

The application of Kydex is increasing due to its several benefits. Kydex is actually a material that is used for holster makers, and now, it is even used for self-defense.

This material was developed in the year 1965 by Rohm and Haas and enabled it to be molded in various shapes when construction gives the plastic rigidity to the same. The best benefit of this material is that it is affordable, durable, maintains shape, and can be a custom fit for your weapon.

5 Important Applications Of Kydex

Kydex is used in various industries, and sheaths and holsters are among them. Sheaths are used in knives, and holsters are used in guns. This material has become very popular nowadays, and some of the best applications of the same are described below:

i). Transportation Industry

Kydex was originally discovered for aircraft interiors. But with the increasing usage of the same, it is now used in the transportation industry too. Kydex has the feature of durability, lightweight, superior flame retardant, ease of fabrications, excellent aesthetics, and much more.

Due to the above-listed factors, Kydex is highly used in the transportation industries. Actually, it reduces weight for designing fuel-efficient vehicles, and this makes this material a clear choice for weight savings.

ii). Holsters

Another important application of Kydex is Holsters. The Kydex sheath is often used for knife holsters and guns. The best part of this is that it requires no maintenance when compared to nylon and leather holsters. To get the best benefits, you must choose the best Kydex holsters that will ease your efforts.

The material that is used in holsters keeps your firearm secure and provides the most retention. Also, it increases comfort due to its lightweight characteristic.

iii). Medical Equipment And Furniture

Kydex is also used in medical equipment and furniture. It is because Kydex can be easily cleaned with harsh chemicals without fading and staining. This makes it a good choice for medical applications.

On the other hand, it is quite durable and scratch-resistant that makes this material a prime choice in medical practice. It is also used in safety helmets and in cleaning rooms.

iv). Food Processing

The sheath of Kydex is used in food processing because it can satisfy NSF needs while improving the performance of guards, covers, and equipment housings.

Besides, it is used in wall panels in plants that process meat, food, and beverage products. So, using this material in food processing makes it easy for the workers.

v). Decorative Wall Coverings

To make the areas more attractive, the Kydex sheath is used as wall coverings. By covering this sheath with a paper vinyl decorative cover, builders can add more valuable materials to make the wall more attractive without any fear.

Thus, this adds durability and fade resistance to plastic. This material is mostly used in homes and businesses.

How Is Kydex Used In Self Defense?

People carrying a gun in the first place is to ensure maximum safety, and Kydex holsters can be your suitable choice. The first thing to consider is that the holster should hold the gun securely, and if this lacks, you are in danger.

Kydex offers rigidity along with a high degree of toughness and resilience, and this is combined with its grained surface. Taking preventive measures is important, and you must realize this at the earliest. Kydex offers durability, length, and also better retention than its injection-molded counterpart. Also, it is used to make bulletproof vests, and this makes it easy to fight off knife attacks. Therefore, this makes Kydex a better material for self-defense.

The Final Thoughts

The above listed are some of the top applications of Kydex and why it is used in various industries. Nowadays, the benefits of Kydex are so useful that it is widely used for self-defense. Besides, if you have any doubts about the same, you can mention them in the comment section below, and we will get back to you at the earliest.