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4 Reliable Places To Purchase OSRS Gold- A Guide


Are you tired of hunting for the best places to buy OSRS Gold safe and get OSRS Gold soon? Well take a sigh of relief as this guide will provide you with all the essential information and places to purchase gold from. Not just the information, but we will provide insights and extra details that will help you to decide which is the best suitable place. So read on and find the best place to purchase gold.

Where to buy OSRS Gold?

There are multiple places to find OSRS Gold for sale, but the most well-known and popular ones are:

1 Marketplaces

When we talk about Marketplaces, know it for sure that these are the SAFEST PLACES to buy OSRS Gold Point. It is safe because mostly all marketplaces secure buyer’s money by delivering it to sellers. When the buyer receives his/her OSRS gold and gold point is satisfied with his order, then and only then the money is exchanged. Even the delivery time is usually rapid because the buyer can choose the seller post-reading their feedback and average delivery time. All in all, it is one of the best ways to purchase osrs gold.

2 Forums

There are various couple forums, where individuals post threads to sell OSRS gold items along with their prices. Buyers can view it and hunt for the best available deals. Normally, these forums have quite strict rules selling in-game items and currencies, thus to eliminate the scammers, these things happen time-to-time. You’ll spot many frustrated players who got scammed. Even the prices on forums vary, from cheap to expensive. There is some competition between sellers, because larger

ones can simply purchase top placements. The delivery time is dependent on the seller’s response time.

3 eBay

eBay is one of the most renowned places to purchase OSRS Gold online. It is also one of the worst regarding our major criteria. The response and delivery takes time. Also, there is a lot of feedback, that players didn’t receive what they purchased. Since, there is merely any competition between RS Gold sellers, the prices are higher than normal.

4 Gold seller websites.

Most of the OSRS Gold selling websites are fine and nice. They have their crew that is divided into teams that provide support, quick responses and delivery time. Moreover, these are reasonably secured as websites try to receive positive reviews and feedback, so scams or any other sort of misunderstandings are hardly there. Take note, these high-quality services cost the same as OSRS Gold price. These websites try to compete with each other in terms of prices, so you’ll find very cheap websites too, but still, they are not as cheap as marketplaces.

Which is the best? 

All in all, Marketplaces stand out as the best place to purchase OSRS Gold.

Best site to buy OSRS Gold?

The buyers require three main things when buying OSRS Gold. They need:

●      Safety

●      Rapid delivery

●      The best available rates of OSRS Gold.

The Marketplaces provide all three, so you should go for it.

But what is the best marketplace for OSRS Gold buyers?

Here is a quick comparison between the most known and trusted marketplace for in-game items and currencies, to help you identify the best marketplace.

Three main popular marketplaces:

  1. Eldorado.gg: this is a new marketplace, created by past in-game items and currency traders and professional eSports players. The main advantage of this over websites is competition. Sellers compete to present their best offers, by lowering prices for OSRS Gold, offering fast deliveries and providing better services. All thanks to the competition, the marketplace has the lowest price for OSRS Gold and fastest average delivery time. Coming to safety, the buyer is always protected at this website. The seller won’t receive any money until the buyer has received the order and is fully satisfied with it.
  1. G2G: offering a large variety of games, G2G is a trusted space for in-game items and currency marketplace. The prices here are quite good, although a little higher than Eldorado.gg because of high fees on lower volume sellers which are then included in the final price for buyers to pay. It’s delivery time is reasonable and quicker, as the gold resellers at G2G bring down the overall delivery time.
  1. PlayerAuctions: it is the oldest marketplace for in-game items and currencies. Their headquarters are in China and the website is a fully trusted and secured space. It has received many positive reviews and feedback. Although, buyers often complain about rasiex currency prices, because marketplaces get the highest commission rates for sellers in the market as well as poor customer support. Though the delivery is rapid.

Post informing about the three main popular marketplaces, we can definitely claim that Edorado.gg stands apart as the best place to purchase OSRS Gold.


We encourage you to explore the above-mentioned places to buy OSRS Gold and pick the one that suits you the best. If you are looking for the cheapest OSRS Gold with the safest and most rapid delivery then, Eldorado.gg is what we’ll recommend.

The rest is up to you and your preference.

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