YI Car Dashboard Camera For Recording Your Beautiful Drives

It’s time you start looking at your car dashboard camera differently. Your car dashboard camera is not just another accessory to glamorize your car. It does the superb job of continuously recording the surrounding view from your front or sometimes rear car view. This makes it an important commodity for your car to escape some unwanted situations.

When we speak of dashboard cameras, YI’s new release is a smart buy indeed. Xiaomi has never failed to satisfy its customers when it comes to quality and durability. And, to justify this, we’ve listed a detailed review of its brand new YI 2.7” screen dashboard vehicle camera to help you decide the purchase of the product for yourself.

Available in two classic colors Grey and Champagne Gold, YI has a rectangular boxy design as compared to the sleek range. If you’re the one who wants to keep the camera discreet, then grey wouldn’t be a good option as it will clearly visible from outside. Despite of its rectangular design, the model is compact and easy to place in your car.

The screen size is 2.7” TFT LCD screen widescreen with 1080 full HD resolution and 165 wide angle camera. Read it again, 165 wide angle lens means quiet a lot for this small beauty. Which means you entire view from left to the right side of the road is captured along with an extended view through the windscreen. The cherry on the cake is f/ 1.8 apertures which is great for a better recording for low light as well.

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There are three stylish buttons right below the screen for your power, recording and viewing needs along with a USB port at its side. One of the safety catches that YI offers is the Advanced Driver Assistance System. Also, it’s the fastest camera in the market which starts in 2-3 seconds and starts recording soon after. This wizard is equipped with G-technology which is an emergency recording feature which helps an immediate recording of an event after a bang or a collision and these recordings are safely auto-saved.

All of the above features mean nearly zero percent blind spots and detailed captured recordings irrespective of day or night. One of the other salient features is that along with an HD recording, it also optimizes the storage space for better and improved convenience. The imaging sensitivity makes it easy to set it in a compact storage.

The best of the best, this dashboard camera comes with built-in wifi which itself makes it one of its kind as compared to its contemporaries. It enables you to download its app and also trigger playbacks. The memory lock and gravity sensing make sure that the videos aren’t overwritten.

The set-up is pretty easy with instructions given in the application itself. Priced at $49 only, it is the smartest and the best buy for your car safety needs. Xiaomi has taken a next level technological leap with YI.

That’s all folks. Till then, Cheers!


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