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Why You Should Use Monday to Manage Your Work Schedule

How to take remote working to the next level?

Project management is an extremely valuable tool that can go highly underrated in companies in all levels of growth from start-ups to corporate giants but having great project management is extremely important to ensuring that your company reaches their goals.

Having the right tools is important in all aspects of life from sports to relationships and project management is no different and one of the tools that can drastically improve your project management is having a place to communicate with your team without having to find time to have a meeting daily and that is where Monday.com comes in.

Monday is an online project management tool which allows teams to communicate remotely to run processes, projects, and everyday work without spending countless hours in meetings.


Monday is a highly flexible application that can be molded to meet the needs of a project’s individual complexities. Moreover, it gives teams dynamic ways to complete their projects.

The flexibility of Monday makes it inarguably valuable to users. The program allows you to craft a unique system that allows you to meet specific needs for your organization and make it appeal to use. Marketing teams, for example, can create a board for all the unique operations including content creation, marketing, and social media teams. Within each individual board, you can create columns to spell out the work that needs to be done.

Improves communication

When you are working on a project it can overlap with other departments and even locational boundaries. These kinds of situations are all too common, but you will not always have time to have daily or weekly meetings to communicate with these other departments or locations and that is why Monday is so valuable to organizations with medium or large amounts of employees.

Monday eliminates the need to have constant meetings, repetitive emails, and confused employees by allowing for all communication to be done directly through the application. Board comments and tagging enables your team to communicate quickly and keep everyone in the loop.

One of the most important things that Monday offers is reminiscent of a social media platform. The section ensures all communications and files for a project or task are kept in a single, easily accessible location. Centralizing all communication ensures your team never misses vital information and allows you to continuously move forward.

Supports integration

Monday is also highly renowned due to its ability to integrate well with all tools you may be using. This means; you can easily sync data from multiple applications to condense it into your team’s work. The program seamlessly allows you to integrate with applications such as Slack, Asana, Trello, Google Drive, Zendesk, Jira, Dropbox, Google Calendar, and even Excel. It also can smoothly work with Shopify, Basecamp, Clearbit, Twilio, MailChimp, GitHub, Todoist, and Box. Monday is also planning on integrating Webhooks and Salesforce integration to allow for further compatibility with your projects, websites, and social media platforms.

Take a school for example, such as M College of Canada, if they were to start using Monday.com it would need to be flexible and readily available to all staff and easily integrate with their new online model they have intelligently crafted in response to the changing realities. So being able to integrate with Zoom would be extremely important for them and for many other companies in the world that are working remotely.

Free Trial Period

One of the hardest things about bringing a new tool to the table is justifying the cost without knowing what you are getting yourself into, but Monday has managed to eliminate that worry by allowing for a free trial period. Monday.com offers new users a 14-day free trial to allow users to get a good feel for the application and grasp how it can improve their workflow, but it also allows users to define their needs and see which version of the program is best for them.

This is just a simple look at some of the great reasons to use Monday.com, but it does not cover everything that this great web application offers! The only way to see the true power and understand the value of Monday is by heading over to their website and trying out their free version to see how great it is.

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