Why You Need To Hire An Expert HTML Developer For Your Development Company

Why You Need To Hire An Expert HTML Developer For Your Development Company

Welcome to the world of development! This article, which is called ‘Why You Need To Hire An Expert HTML Developer For Your Development Company’ is aimed at everyone who is interested in website layout and the question of what the people who are called HTML specialists do. You will read further about why a HTML developer is a kind of a conductor between a website designer and a programmer and why any quality product and of course IT company cannot do without him. Let’s start from the beginning!

To begin with, it is worth determining that website development consists of three main stages:

  • Creation of design. The designer draws a general view of the site, determines the design colors, the placement of blocks, the size of objects.
  • The backend programmer works on the internal part of the site, he is responsible for the server part of the WEB site.
  • This is exactly what interests us and the HTML developer is responsible for the stage of creating the visual part of the site: he transforms the design layout into a web form, makes the design functional, makes everything work in a proper way. Basically, design layouts are just a bunch of images that don’t solve anything for a site unless they are “brought to life”. The process of this revitalization is HTML layout. In other words, this is the transformation of the layout from the graphics editor to the browser. Layout of HTML-pages is not so easy like playing ping-pong. This is a complex process that requires attention and patience, on which the correct display of the site on different gadgets depends, which in turn affects the ranking in the search results. Although the HTML developer works with the code, he should be at least a little creative, as he partially has to deal with the design refinement. And what’s more: since a specialist works with code, in addition to good imagination, patience and perseverance are required of him. The developer takes what the designer has drawn and translates it into a language understandable for the programmer: he describes the design layout using tags so that later this layout can be represented as a sequence of these tags. Thus, the HTML developer is one of the specialists, without whom the site cannot exist. The correct display of the design in the user’s browsers depends on his expert work. Such specialists set the entire page layout in accordance with the design layout: font sizes; placement and design of headings, texts, images. In general, without such a profession, all sites on the Internet would look the same: like text typed in a WordPad.
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HTML specialists are needed wherever a systematic or private website development is needed. Their services are used by marketing and digital agencies, web design studios, large Internet projects, as well as private clients who have decided to expand the boundaries of their business and create their own website. Thousands of sites appear on the Internet every day, their developers pursue different goals, but they all need qualified specialists capable of creating unique products. HTML developer is one of such specialists, because his services are needed on unique projects, service sites, when developing landing pages for the sale of goods and services. So we can conclude that any company with development needs an expert HTML developer who will do their job with high quality. In addition, a talented HTML developer always improves his skills and can move from a narrow area to a wider one – front-end development. By hiring such a specialist, you will know that your team has an expert who knows how to properly fulfill customer orders and look for the best solutions during the development process. An expert HTML developer has the following knowledge and skills:

  • markup language. HTML, HTML5, it is also desirable to know HTML frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap or Semantic UI;
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Using it, the style of the pages is set;
  • JavaScript basics, jQuery. With the help of them, dynamics is set;
  • PHP basics;
  • principles of work of visual editors;
  • tools for checking the correctness, validity of the code.

If you hire a HTML specialist for your development company, then you can expect him to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • layout of site pages and web applications based on psd layouts for desktop and mobile devices;
  • layout of e-mail newsletters, promo pages and Landing Page;
  • integration of layout into various CMS: for example, WordPress, Joomla, MODx;
  • performs page improvements for SEO-requirements: speeds up the loading of HTML and CSS code. An experienced HTML developer is also trusted to place sites on a hosting. Perhaps you have a question “What does such a specialist work in”, then here is the answer:
  • Most of the work is done in a graphics editor, where a specialist works with graphics.
  • In a text editor, the process of writing code for a web page takes place.
  • The browser is required in order to check the correctness of the layout of the pages. The main task of a good specialist is to make it convenient for the user to work with your site, no matter what device or gadget he is viewing it from.
    An expert HTML developer practices work with several types of layout that solve all these issues:
  • Adaptive layout. It takes into account the type of device from which visitors to your site will sit and makes sure that the resource pages are adequately displayed both on a mobile phone and on a computer.
  • Block layout. This layout, like the table layout, is just a way of arranging elements on the screen, which was used by layout designers back in the days when there were no “flexes” and “grids”.
  • Cross-browser layout is needed to adequately display the site on all popular browsers. Users of your resource can use any popular browser and browse the pages of the web service without interference.
  • Mobile layout is part of the responsive layout of the site along with the desktop one.
  • Semantic layout. It pursues the goal of a logical and consistent page hierarchy.
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Please note that the profession of HTML specialist and front-end developer should not be confused. Often in vacancies for the position of a HTML developer, you can see requirements that cannot be attributed to this position. For example: a thorough knowledge of JavaScript. The HTML layout designer should know how it works, but his maximum competence extends to the knowledge of typical solutions that will allow solving simple tasks inherent in the layout, whereas a front-end developer must deeply know JavaScript, including frameworks, and also have inherent skills that allow them to extend their capabilities. Increased requirements for layout designers are due to the fact that the employer wants to get the most for the minimum amount of money. Therefore, he is looking for a layout designer in his company who will do the work of the front-end developer. In my opinion, in order to get the job done well, the developer shouldn’t spray his talent into different areas, but rather focus on one thing. For a successful business and IT company, it is better to assemble a close-knit development team, where everyone does what they love and know how. This approach gives the best results.


I hope that after reading the article ‘Why You Need To Hire An Expert HTML Developer For Your Development Company’, you have an understanding of why HTML developers are in demand for every successful IT company. As it was already written above, without such specialists it is impossible to lay the foundation for a website that should work efficiently.

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