Why should your business consider marketing on TikTok?

Make no mistake. If you want to be successful with your digital marketing campaigns, you have to consider video marketing. It is no longer a luxury neither an option. It is an absolute necessity, especially if you want to tap the wonderful marketing power of social media.

As you probably already know, if you’re a social media user yourself or maybe based on what your friends tell you, there’s just something about video that makes it so much more viral than the typical picture post. If you’ve been on Facebook, you know that videos tend to go a lot further when it comes to reach and user engagement. It is no surprise then, given these factors, that TikTok, the Chinese owned short video social media platform, has taken the world by storm.

It seems that anybody who is younger than a millennial has just fallen head over heels in love with this platform. Now, when you go on TikTok and you check their videos, you may think that there’s really a bad fit or no fit at all between the typical videos you find on that platform and the kind of animated or live-action video footage that your business produces.

After all, a typical TikTok video includes pranks, sports clips, or other things that you can really reduce to a 15-second video clip. Don’t let that disconnect bother you. Dig further.

You have to understand that you can make quite a bit of a branding impact in 15 seconds or less. In fact, if you want to highlight a cute angle or a human side to your business, there’s no better way to do it than a very short video clip.

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If you think about it, compared to YouTube, TikTok actually makes your business branding and video marketing job easier. How come? Well, you probably already know that the longer your video, the more it will cost to produce. Since you’re only going to be dealing with 15-second clips, your cost profile goes down.

Also, when you are producing videos for TikTok, you can produce a tremendous amount of videos very cheaply and then lean back and pay attention to which of these videos get the most views, get the most engagement, or otherwise increases the reach of your brand. You don’t have this luxury with YouTube. Since there’s always this temptation of coming up with longer and more elegantly produced videos, your costs quickly spiral out of control. With TikTok and Instagram video marketing, it’s the precise opposite.

In fact, the more improvised or amateur-ish your video, the more your target audience members will consider your video branding materials as authentic, sincere, and organic. Given these reasons, your business, regardless of your industry, should seriously consider building a solid brand using the TikTok platform. Treat it like any other social platform by getting social proof through TikTok likes and engaging with influencers. The key is to build a community around your content. Pretty soon, that community will turn into a loyal fanbase which can spread your brand throughout TikTok. This is the best and most organic-friendly way to do TikTok video marketing. Buy TikTok likes and continue to build up your content asset base.

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