Why Should We Intake Vitamin D3?

We are aware that vitamins are one of the most essential nutrients that influence our health.  Precisely, all vitamin sources A, B, C, D, and E  play an indispensable role in strengthening bones, preventing blindness, boosting immunity, protecting from birth deformity, and much more.

For instance, Vitamin A improves eyesight and vision and E helps to heal skin-related issues.

Vitamin D is basically a steroid hormone in comparison to dietary aid. You need to note that vitamin D is not readily available in foods, unlike other vitamin sources. This is the reason why the majority of people have some kind of vitamin D3 deficiency. But the good thing is that you can take a vitamin D3 supplement to fulfill this shortfall.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the sun is one of the key sources of vitamin D. Vitamin D is also termed as the sunshine vitamin. Here in this blog, we will focus on why you should take vitamin D3.

The Advantages of Vitamin D3

Medical professionals believe that vitamin D3 influences more than 2000 genes within the body.  It also has a direct impact on various health aspects.

For instance, vitamin D receptors are present within every cell. Now, if the receptors combine with vitamin D, it prompts changes in the level of cells. It stops the cancer-causing genes and promotes the immunoprotective genes. In addition to these, it also improves body health by-

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Enhancing healthy bones

Vitamin D3 instigates strong and healthy bones. This is mainly due to the result that vitamin D3 helps in regulating, controlling and absorbing calcium and phosphorous required by the body. Both these components provide strength and density to the entire skeletal system of the body.

Trigger Insulin production

Vitamin D3 plays a crucial role in stimulating the function of the pancreas gland. The result is that it triggers the production of insulin that checks blood sugar levels. D3 also helps to manage dangerous diabetes under control.

Reducing high blood pressure

Boston University conducted research and studies where it was found that people facing high blood pressure experienced a drop after consuming the best vitamin D3 supplement. It was also found that D3 helps in lowering the renin, a type of enzyme secreted by the kidney to impact blood vessels.

Preventing the Big C

The deadly cancer is also known as Big C. It is somewhat relaxing to note that vitamin D3 has decreased the aggressive spreading of prostate tumors. In fact, it has also been found that when vitamin D3 is combined with other nutrients, it can reduce the risk of polyps, which causes colon cancer.

Let’s take this further up. When vitamin D combines with calcium, it decreased the risk of cancer development by up to 60% in postmenopausal women. Apparently, vitamin D has also been linked with breast cancer. This was revealed through a study conducted on a few women undergoing treatment. It was found that 70% of women having lower levels of vitamin D led researchers to establish the link.

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Promotes a Healthy Heart

The presence of vitamin D pumps up the function of the heart. A couple of studies have revealed that a lower level of vitamin D increases the risk of a heart attack. But the researchers haven’t clarified any specific reason for the same.

It is believed that vitamin D serves as a heart tranquilizer to boost the function of cardiovascular activity. It also improves the endurance of the cardiac muscles and cells. It does not allow the heart cells to grow large and prevents the ventricle walls from getting thick. The thickening can create a blockage in blood circulation and lead to a heart attack.

Creates a positive mood and a happy feeling

You may find it surprising, but vitamin D3 also helps to create a significant impact on your mood. Many people have a seasonal affective disorder issue. They will feel delighted during the sun shine. The reason is the synthesis of the vitamin, which is directly exposed to the UVB rays.

Furthermore, it is also interesting to note that vitamin D can reduce the clinical symptoms of depression. Yes, you may have to undergo other assistive treatments but the role of vitamin D3 in making you happier cannot be denied.

Major vitamin D3 sources

Of course, the sun is one of the most important sources of getting vitamin D3. But you can also intake this important nutrient from other sources present in milk-based seafood products. Key sources include cheese, fortified milk, yogurt, bread, and cereal. Vitamin D3 can also be found in fatty fish.

Concluding lines

The expert nutritionists recommend that a healthy person should intake 1000 IU of vitamin D3 every day. But you should also consult your doctor first. If you want to know whether you have a vitamin D3 deficiency, get a blood test done.

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