Why SEO SILO Architecture Is Important For Niche Websites?

We are obsessed with the library’s gigantic structure and their shelves packed with thousands of books, and what surprised me more is that the librarian exactly knows the resource that is the book I am looking for by hearing just the title of the book. Over time, I thought they have a superpower to remember all, but of course, not it is a super organization.

Now, the same as comparing it with a website. People come to learn about your products, find services you offer, and try to contact you or engage with you by a blog. Of course, the bigger the site is, the more difficult it is for people to find the desired information they are looking for. They are not satisfied, or probably they will get lost, and to add more, it is difficult for Google to crawl and index such sites.

Indirectly or directly, it affects your site SEO as more the complex website it has. There is a simple and effective solution to this problem that is the content silo. Houston SEO company gives you services with an optimized silo structure and makes your website rank higher.

A book with an index of content is similar to a website implementing a silo structure. So, let us know what silo is and how important it is for your niche websites, and how you can implement it on your website and execute it.

What is a SILO?

In your website, the optimized content section is a silo. To organize your content effectively, you need to use silo architecture for your niche website. Houston SEO company will provide service for your niche website to rank your site higher with silo architecture effectively.

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Using silo will be based on one primary keyword and the website theme based on it. It will operate in page title, metadata, in the content, and the header.

The site navigation bar would link to other pages, which are optimized for your secondary keyword. It is an important SEO part of your website. Silo is a structured architecture of a site that organizes the content relevant information. In the primary category, the pages with relevant content are group together.

Why is SILO important?

Do you remember the time you used to give your examinations? How you divided your answers into bullet points and the examiner checked them and gave you the marks. Google’s crawlers work in a fashion that is similar to your examiner. With thousands of papers to check and mark, examiners look for special and focus words, points and terms. They do not read word-for-word as there is no time to do the same. According to Igloo, Google’s crawlers also look out for your focus keywords and LSI and then rank your page according to the ranking parameters.

When search spiders crawl your website every time, they look for keyword phrases that optimize your website and look for the content relevant to it. Suppose your other internal pages and secondary keywords are mashed on the site homepage. In that case, it is difficult to determine the theme of your website for search engines, and SEO companies in Houston will not let this happen to your website.

Due to this, the other competing sites will rank for your selected keywords as their niche website theme is clear. And if you want to rank not only for the central theme but also for sub-topic themes, you should create a silo that is well optimized for keywords that go with the central theme.

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If you focus on creating a niche well-structured website, it will help search engines identify the central theme relative to each page’s theme. Without the central theme, the content would be unorganized.

A niche website may cover several sub-topics that give a wide variety of information. The ranking for your preferred keyword is high if your site is well structured. To improve the site architecture build internal links to the relevant post and silo pages.

What are the advantages of implementing SILO?

Well, a structured content silo will improve your Seo effort and boost your website hierarchy. Let’s see how many advantages are there for better silo content

  • For users, it is easy to find the desired content.
  • Simple and logical navigation for website users.
  • Search engines can easily crawl and search your site content.
  • It improves the internal link building
  • It has greater relevance as a keyword that it is optimized for.

Implement SILO in your niche website

It is not difficult to implement silo architecture to your site if you have already put enough thought into site architecture. You are on the right track. You need to implement some of the actions which make silos better.

  • Find the top keyword using google’s keyword planner tool and group your content according to that particular keyword. As the keyword which searches the most should be used for the main landing page in the silo.
  • You can use the link to navigate the section of secondary pages from the primary website section. It can be on any part of the site like sidebar, menubar, or in the header section.
  • Cross-linking information with each page’s main section content that contain the same silo. This will make sense to your visitors as they are contextually relevant.
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Now, above mentioned all the three points I will explain to you with a simple example.

Consider company services as your niche, and you can pick subcategories as below :

  1. Digital marketing
  2. Web development
  3. App development

Have “digital marketing” as a main or primary silo and create a content silo page. You can write multiple posts on this topic and group it under parent silo “digital marketing.”

1.1 Best SEO services

1.2 Top social media marketing ideas

1.3 Best PPC advertising agency

Now you can interlink this child post and link it to the parent silo “digital marketing.” Whereas you can not link Best SEO services to parent silo “Web development.” Depending on your niche, you can interlink to more relevant links to create a juice of flow.


You can build a well-optimized structured website that has great content and the right keyword choice. It is also about the theme that the content is organized and effectively gives priority.

Ranking of niche websites depends on the user search query and how relevant your theme site is as per query. Seo company in Houston will give you an optimized site, including silo architecture.

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