Why Learn Python and How to become a Certified Python Programmer?

Introduction to python

For the last few years, Python has evolved out as one of the most powerful programming languages. Python was developed in the late 19th century but is doing wonders now. It is an open source and interpreted language that is used all over the world to design websites, algorithms and to simplify the automation process. It is widely used for the task of data analysis due to its strong statistical powers.

Popularity of python 

The straight question that strikes first in our mind is that when there are languages like Java and C why Python is needed. The direct answer is the simplicity of the language. Python is very simple to learn with an easy syntax. Unlike other languages that require multiple lines of code to execute a function, Python can do it with just 2 to 3 lines of code. The artificial intelligence and machine projects which were once dreamed for the IT industry are now easier to accomplish because of Python. Businesses are accomplishing ground-breaking targets related to AI and ML by simply Hiring Python Developers and bringing out the change.

Why go for Python?

There is almost nothing that cannot be developed with Python. In order to develop the backend tools and artificial intelligence related stuff. Python works wonders. Here we have listed out some of the major yet very important reasons why you should go for learning Python. Have a look at these reasons below:

  • Easy to learn

Learning python is not a tough task, unlike other languages which come with big and complex syntax. Learning python and coding in it is pretty simple. You will feel it more like the common English language that we use in day to day life. A three liner code of C can be quickly replaced by a 3 words code of Python. This is the power of Python.

  • Open source
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Python is an open source programming language and can be used freely by anyone anywhere.

  • User-friendly

Coding with Python is very easy and simple. Building prototypes and tools become simpler due to the usage of common English terms. Even if you do not have any prior programming experience, working with Python becomes simpler and this is the reason why it has got so much popularity everywhere.

  • Extensible

Python is called a universal programming language. There are no hardcore rules to follow in it or any strict guidelines to maintain. All kinds of operations can be easily performed in any of the platforms whether Windows or Linux. You can also integrate the Java and dot net components with Python.

  • Role in Big data and analytics

There are many big data operations that are being supported by Python. The task of data analysis, data modeling can be easily done with the help of it.

Becoming a certified python programmer

In order to become a certified python programmer, you should have complete knowledge of Python. There are many Python training institute in Mumbai , Bangalore, Hydarabad, Delhi and other big cities in India, who provide online training as well as offline. You can take up the course and on completion, you will get the Python certificate.

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