Why I Love Bonk Be Live App Compared To Other Live Streaming Apps

In the smartphones application market, we have several apps on streaming and video sharing. We have new open streaming applications launching every year, but this time we have a special Android and iOS app called Bonk Be Live or you can call it Bonk Be.live.

What makes Bonk Be Live special and different from the rest?

The online lifestyle has changed over the years, and why not make few bucks out of the efforts we make to build our online profile? It does sound great when you get paid for the innovative content you upload on the Bonk Be.live application.

What is Bonk Be Live?

Bonk Be Live is a streaming application that every common Android or iOS user can create a free account on the platform, and start the live stream. You have the opportunity to show your skills to the live viewers, and you can make thousands of dollars over time. If you maintain the consistency and aim for long-term goals, then you can grow within the Bonk Be Live community.

The application design is impressive because it is innovative, intuitive, and looks similar to the Snapchat. You have a huge green button that let’s start the live stream, and rest of the options on the right-side, and left-side.

How can you make money with Bonk Be Live or Bonk Be.live?

Allow us to provide you information along with other features that you can utilize to improve your online presence.

  1. Many streaming platforms and video sharing website offers advertisements and you can make money from the advertisements impressions. However, Bonk Be Live allows the viewers to send you virtual gifts that cost them few bucks per gift. The Bonk Be Live team converts the gifts into real money, and they transfer to your account. In short, it’s crowd funding, and the world knows power of a crowd funding service.
  2. You cannot talk or remain on the camera for a longer period, or you may need a break, then Bonk Be Live added stickers, so you can keep them to your stream. You can use these filters to keep the viewers around you, and you can slow down a little to make things interesting after a while.
  3. You can create a free account with Bonk Be Live by adding your email address, or you can login to the account using social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Google account.
  4. The income section in your profile allows you to buy new coins for cash. The typical pricing would be $1 for 70 coins. You can also view your earned coins from advertisements and gifts. You can convert your earned coins into real cash too! The Bonk Be Live is already talking with the advertisers, so you can make few more bucks from the service, and 70 coins value is $1. You can count the impressions of the advertisements, and coins in the tool, and estimate your earnings.
  5. The Bonk Be Live professional team planning to find innovative ways to feed advertisements in notifications, your profile, and other places, so you can make more money from advertisements.
  6. The latest edition of the Bonk Be Live app allows you to save the stream when you receive a call. Yes, the Bonk Be Live app has an inbuilt feature to pause the stream when you receive an incoming call. Keep in mind, they don’t record your voice because they block the stream including the voice call, so no one can hear what conversation you are having with the caller.
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The Bonk Be Live has New & Trending tab, so they can help the new streamers get attention from the community.

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Bonk Be.Live Unique Features?

The Bonk Be.Live offers a unique algorithm that ranks every register viewer, and it doesn’t matter if you are watching the stream or you are streaming.

  • The first level is Bonnaroo, and you need 25,000 points to reach the milestone. The Bonk Be.Live consider it as an intern, which is a professional term.
  • In case, if you are watching the stream, then you will get 1 point for 1 minute of watch time.
  • If you are a streamer, then you get 2.5 points for 1 minute of the stream.
  • The level 6 “Bonkertronz” is a milestone that you want to reach at any cost because it provides you a tab of celebrity.
  • Once you cross a milestone, then you can add affiliate links as well, and it can create a funnel of cash if you do it the right way.

Privacy: The world is fearing the online based apps and websites because they have proven to steal your information without your consent, and even Facebook could not escape it. However, Bonk Be Live does not collect sensitive data like your credit card, debit card, or any other information.

Bonk Be Live privacy policy page says that they collect analytical data to provide you better services.


Bonk Be Live improving existing features and services, and they have promised to add augmented and 3D features to the application very soon. Let us know what do you think about the Bonk Be.Live or Bonk Be Live in the comment section below.

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