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Why Has Tick Tok Become The Fastest Growing Social Network In The World

So what is the secret to the popularity of TikTok?

Many experts agree that the key to its success is a successful combination of all types and types of content at once .

If, for example, Instagram is a social network for visuals, where photos are most often posted, and YouTube is intended exclusively for videos, then TikTok easily combines both of these formats.

How does tiktok work?

Initially, TikTok was conceived as a platform for 15-second Lipsinkvideos , that is, short videos in which the user sang a famous melody or repeated a funny phrase, trying to move his lips in synchronism with the original. But now the content on the site has become much more diverse : here you can find both musical and humorous videos. This entertaining space on the application proves that it is the best place to buy TikTok likes and viewers attention.

Challenges of all kinds are also very popular . This is such a special video genre in which users complete tasks and offer to repeat them to others. For example, pour a bucket of ice water on yourself, perform certain dance moves, or talk about something.

This format is actively used by companies to promote their products or services. Launching such challenges among bloggers with a large reach (those whose videos are guaranteed to receive a large number of views), in a light playful way they tell a wide audience about themselves. Among the audience there are many potential customers, which allows you to be “on the ear”, or, more precisely, in plain sight. Branding masks and stickers that users can use in their videos also helps.

“ Duets ” are also very popular among TikTok followers. This video, recording which one user as it passes the baton to another, offering to respond to his recording. Often very successful, funny and funny stories come out that go beyond the network.

Typically, the plot clips are mini-clips mounted using the built-in application functions – various filters and masks. However, you can upload videos created and edited in another video editor . In this, he is somewhat similar to Instagram, but registering with TikTok is not necessary. However, in this case, you will not be able to publish your videos – just view the feed. But in any case, be careful, since Tick Tok is very addictive! 😀

As in most other social networks, in TikTok you can do reposts, like, subscribe to other users, comment on publications and correspond.

PS For faster promotion in Tick Tok, we recommend that you try the Tokkerservice. With it, you can automatically glorify likes to videos and comments, as well as massively subscribe to users. Simply put, all the same automation as in VK and on Instagram, only in Tick Tok.

Advertise on TikTok

According to the social network itself, at the end of 2019, its audience worldwide amounted to 800 million users per month, and the application became the most popular of the free ones in the Entertainment section of the App Store. Of course, the leadership of the social network does not miss the opportunity to make a profit, and in the wake of popularity, it has opened up the opportunity for brands to launch ads on their site.

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