Why Every Geek Needs a Raspberry Pi?

Since first launching, the Raspberry Pi has completely transformed the way that many institutions approach teaching programming to their students. The Pi provides a unique means of learning not only programming but also how computers work on their most basic level. The Raspberry Pi is a microcontroller – a printed circuit board with a number of components attached, some of which are modular.

By plugging more components and peripherals into the board, the user can use their Pi as the basis for a limitless number of DIY electronics and other computing projects. Every geek needs a Raspberry Pi; here’s why.

It’s Affordable

Considering everything that the Raspberry Pi is capable of and what it can be used for, it is remarkably affordable. Even if you choose to buy a starter kit, which costs more than just buying the board itself, you will still get a great deal. In fact, given the extra protection afforded by a case, we would strongly recommend that you get one with your Pi.

Because of the modular nature of the Raspberry Pi, you can upgrade it and add new components to it over time. This means that you don’t need to spend loads of money upfront buying the board and components.

It’s Versatile

There really is no end to what the Raspberry Pi can be used for. Not only is it a fully reprogrammable board with a Linux operating system, but there is a whole host of peripherals and other add-ons you can get to expand its hardware capabilities.

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From games consoles to custom VPN servers to smart home sensors and controllers, there is almost no limit to what the Raspberry Pi can do if you have the right skills and determination.

You Will Learn a Lot

Most people use their Raspberry to learn the basics of programming, something for which it is perfectly suited. However, digging deep into the Raspberry Pi, how it works, and what it can do, you will learn a great deal about the device itself and how it works.

Learning about the Raspberry Pi is an excellent starting point for learning about microcontrollers and PCBs in general. We can expect more devices like the Raspberry Pi to start appearing in the near future; the Arduino is a notable competitor already. A great tool for learning more about hardware design, when you reach that point,  is Upverter, a free web-based electronics design tool that is a great way of gaining some insight into how microcontrollers like the Raspberry Pi are designed.

An Affordable Media Centre

Buying a Raspberry Pi and a sizeable storage option, whether an SD card or a USB hard drive, will leave you with a fully-functioning media center. If you get enough storage, you can easily load it up with HD quality movies and hook it up to your TV. You will need an input device, but this can be a keyboard and mouse, a USB controller, or even a touchscreen.

The Raspberry Pi can be whatever you want it to be. The opportunities for creativity and learning it offers are too great for any geek to miss.

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