Why Delta exchange is the best place to capitalize on Altcoin revolution?

In the wake of altcoins’ roaring success, the crypto investment world has seen the birth of plethora of spot and derivative exchanges during the last one year or so. In this bustling crowd of crypto investment platforms’ the success of new platform like Delta Exchange makes for a perfect ‘underdog story.’ Undeterred by the presence of big players like Bitmex and Deribit, Delta showed the aggressive intent from the word go and its unabashed aggression has surely paid off.

Although Delta still has a long way to go to achieve the numero uno status, its steadily growing respectability makes it a perfectly potential candidate to achieve this enviable position. And this also gives a solid credence to the fact that Delta is one of the best platforms for investors to capitalize on altcoin revolution. We would like to justify or support this hypothesis by covering a small review about Delta exchange. This short review brings forth some of the notable features that can convince even the most ardent critics that today Delta is indeed one of the best platforms for altcoin investment.

But before starting with the review, here is a very brief introduction about Delta. Delta Exchange was launched in 2018 with the singular aim and vision to become the most liquid and trusted global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange; an exchange that can ably serve both retail as well as institutional traders.

Continuously working to fructify and fulfill this vision is Delta’s world class management and advisory team. Having horned their financial skills and acumen at global names like Citi Group and UBS, this team evidently has all the prerequisite talent and experience to understand & feel the pulse of today’s dynamic investors.

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Delta Exchange Review

Leverage trading: In a bid to give investors best shot at profitability, Delta offers maximum 20x leverage on all the leading altcoins like Tezos, Atom, Binance coin, Ravencoin and Chainlink. Not to mention that nearly all the altcoins that are currently available for trading on Delta are amongst the most sought after cryptocurrency tokens.

High liquidity: Delta with its unrestricted and unhindered supply of altcoins passes the litmus test of liquidity with absolute flying colors. Such is Delta’s reliable liquidity that investors are unlikely to face any shortage of altcoins even during tough market conditions. Seasoned investors can be assured of getting unobstructed access to their favorite altcoins 24/7 & 365 days and therefore can easily plan to go for long investment cycles.

Even crypto experts agree that reliable liquidity is one of the reasons for Delta’s meteoric rise.

Stablecoin settlement: Today Delta is one of the very few platforms to allow stablecoin-settled futures on bitcoin and leading altcoins. In fact, Delta was the first derivative exchange to launch the world’s first stablecoin-settled futures. Through stablecoin or USDC settlement, this platform tries to spare investors from huge risk volatility. This is because unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, stablecoins’ values are pegged to more stable commodities like dollars & gold and therefore offer far better price stability.

Not surprisingly, investors are already getting smitten by Delta’s stablecoin feature and this is obviously helping the platform to emerge as a strong player in the crypto investment world.                        

Lower fees: Given that today rising inflation is proving to be a perennial headache, Delta’s lower trading fees offers much-needed respite to the investment community. More so because Delta’s fees are way lower than all its leading competitors. This is again acting as a major catalyst in fueling platforms’ popularity and acceptance in the investment community.

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To know more about Delta’s trading fees for ethereum futures trading and perpetual contracts, please click here.

Ease of Trading: How easy is it really to trade on Delta Exchange? Well, it is certainly easy enough for little inexperienced and novice investors to start trading in probable matter of few minutes. This is all thanks to the fact that Delta’s main trading terminal boasts a very simple and non-cluttered interface.

We would like to conclude this review by offering a brief overview about Delta’s referral program. This referral program deserves at least a cursory mention as it is too good to not to talk about. With Delta’s special referral program, existing investors stand the chance of earning lucrative 15% of their trading fees as a commission on every successful referral. The commission is deposited into their account in whatever token/ cryptocurrency the trading fee was paid by the referred user.

Furthermore, they also stand the chance of earning 15% discount in trading fees for at least 6 months on each successful referral. Investors can enroll anyone through this referral scheme including friends, acquaintances and relatives.

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