Why Betting Fans Go Crazy at the Races

Why Betting Fans Go Crazy at the Races

Not only is it one of the oldest remaining sports in the world but it is also a hugely popular sport across the globe. Horse racing has always been synonymous with betting. The two have gone hand in hand for years and to this very day many are allured to the sport by the betting culture which surrounds the sport. Whilst the culture is prevalent from the sofa and bookies shops, there’s nothing quite like the thrill that people have when they get themselves to the races. We are going to discuss just why do betting fans go crazy at the races?

Betting Fans Go Crazy at the Races


First and foremost the races are thrilling for even the neutral to enjoy. Known for the pace and power at which they compete, horse racing can be hugely entertaining. The sport regularly has tightly run races with photo finishes and blistering endurance on show. This is amplified massively when you are in the concourse cheering the horses on and is even more so when you have upgraded yourself from a neutral to a bettor by sticking a little punt on a horse at the bookies or online with sites like Timeform. The thrill of cheering your horse on over the finishing line can be a buzz like no other and it brings in crowds to the races across the world all year long.

Selection of betting

The sports betting culture which surrounds horse racing is like no other from the bookies around the world to the concourse at the specific races, the bets on this sport are off the charts. But what really excites people when it comes to the actual races is being able to stick on your bet and be involved with the horse from start to finish which is a feeling you only get from watching it live at the racetrack. The process of entering the racetrack and grabbing a race card is where it all starts. Handed out to punters on arrival these books have all the recent information you need to do a bit of research and pick your selection. If you aren’t feeling it from the racecard, when you are at the races you can also head down to the parade ring/paddock where the horses walk before the race. Many stand by this being the best way of picking a winner by viewing the horse before it races. When you do this at the races you get a feel for the horses you may not get otherwise. After whatever research option you have opted for you can then head down to the bookies ring which is nothing short of an experience of a lifetime. Like a busy South American market, the betting ring is full of vendors, shouting and bustle. This is where you choose your bookmaker option and stick your selection on. This alone is an experience which everyone should try. Once you’ve made your selection it’s time to wait and cheer on your horse across the finish line. The process and entertainment value of putting a bet on at the races is an experience in itself and this lends itself to exactly why betting fans go crazy at the races!

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Dress code

The magnitude of a day out at the races is perfectly shown by the dress code. Most race courses follow a strict smart dress policy which calls for stilletos, brogues, fascinators and suits. This sees people getting dressed to the nines and getting suited and booted for their big day out. This alone fills many people with excitement and enjoyment which makes for the day of betting and horse racing ahead that little bit more fun and enjoyable. Whilst by no means a major factor in why betting fans go crazy at the races it is certainly still a factor which many overlook.

So why don’t you go ahead and get yourself along to the next race you can and see what all the fuss is about? Bet, go crazy and cheer your horse across the finish line for some nice profits!

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