Why are more brands starting to use connected packaging in their marketing?

Every marketing strategy has different strands that are designed to yield different results – link building can help with your SEO efforts to drive more visits to your site, while above the line marketing can help increase brand awareness to put your proposition at the front of mind for more people.

Connect packaging can help tie all these efforts together, and add a data collection element, for a holistic approach to marketing.

What is connected packaging?

Connected packaging is simply a smart way of packaging your products to encourage people to learn more about your business or the product, by using their smartphone to scan a barcode or QR code.

Once the code has been scanned, this will direct them to a specific piece of content to enrich their experience.

Why use connected packaging as part of your marketing strategy?

There are many good reasons why connected packaging should form part of your marketing strategy, here are some that could resonate with your business.

Increase trust in your brand 

We live in an age of disinformation – while there’s never been more information at our fingertips, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. That’s why people value transparency and will naturally gravitate towards brands they feel they can trust.

Using connected packaging means your customers are never more than a single screen tap away from knowing more about your brand or its products, including how it was made, your company’s ethical vision, ingredients, recipes, materials or product descriptions. The amount of information you can provide is limitless.

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Drive environmental change

If environmental awareness is a big part of your brand proposition, you can use connected packaging to showcase this and make your customers aware of their environmental obligations, particularly when it comes to disposing of the packaging itself.

Connectivity can help to cut through the complexity and confusion around recycling to drive positive behavioural change, playing a pivotal role in helping consumers to dispose of products correctly. This can be great both for the environment and for the perception of your brand. 

Increase cross-sell

Connected packaging is also a good marketing tool for any business looking to cross-sell other products, as you can link the packaging to anything that’s related and put it at the front of your customers’ minds. In order to drive engagement, you could even offer discounts or other incentives to anyone who connects via your QR code or barcode.

Gain valuable insights

Data is vital to marketers, and connected packaging can help you collect customer information that can give your business a better understanding of exactly who’s buying  your products or services. This information can then be used to optimise your online content, tailor your marketing materials and target the right audience.

You can even use connected packaging for A/B testing, whether between barcodes and QR codes or the content your customers are taken to, to help hone the proposition and make the most of the technology.

Relatively speaking, connected packaging is still in its infancy but is set to mature over the next decade as our interactions in the physical world change and consumers demand a digital connection between the real world touchpoints and your brand.

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If you want to make the most of this opportunity, it’s worth speaking to a connected packaging agency who can guide you on the best ways to embrace the technology and leverage it to enhance your brand proposition.

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