Which Is The Best Career Counselling Website In India?

Which Is The Best Career Counselling Website In India?

Career counselling is not very prevalent in India but is an essential aspect of career planning which is when the best career counselling in India website like www.merementor.com plays an important role.

Best Career Counselling Website In India

Many young people face problems while choosing the right career and due to inappropriate guidance some of them lead to a disaster as they choose those which are actually unfit.

So, it is better to go through career guidance or Career Counselling in Bangalore Online at least once to understand interests.

Why should aspirants opt for this website?

  • The aspirants should opt for this career counselling website mainly because it was established with the only purpose of helping students in obtaining the right career direction. It is the first-ever digital platform for Career Counselling in Bangalore where human resources and technologies are utilized to make career counselling easy.
  • Students find themselves confused about which career direction they should choose due to family pressure, societal pressure, and competition. So, the career counselling expert bridges the gap between them.
  • Mere Mentor helps students of 7th std to 12th std choose the right career based on their capabilities and abilities. It helps both kids and parents in making the right career choices through career assessment and a revolutionary approach.

What makes Mere Mentor unique?

  • During the evaluation process, many students have come across who are facing difficulty in choosing the right career as they get half or wrong information.
  • The podcast material consists of dialogues from professionals to assist students in clearing all their doubts from the respective field. Apart from this, stress management and anxiety classes are undertaken for students to have confidence and a clear mind in choosing a career.
  • It guides students and eliminates disorganized counselling structures on what they deserve.
  • SWOT analysis is made use of to find where the respective student falls short and assist her/him face to increase the confidence to face the competition.
  • These unique features allow training an enormous number of students annually and working with several trained counsellors from various districts of India. The counselling sessions and online webinars will be helpful to get the best assistance regardless of the state that one belongs to.
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Services offered at Mere Mentor:

Mere Mentor focuses on offering personalized career counselling for candidates in both offline and online formats.

The services provided include:

  • One to one career assessment
  • Optimizing career decision
  • Identifying core strength
  • Decoding the career
  • Aids in course & career selection
  • Connecting with role models
  • Education and scholarships
  • Loan guidance

Products of Mere Mentor:

It consists of two packages:

  • One-to-one career assessment (Rs 2999)
  • Year-long complete career cum course guidance assessment (Rs 9999)

The Year-long complete career cum course guidance assessment consists of the following features:

  • Career assessment (3-dimensional one with best-fit career preferences)
  • Complete career report (Detailed assessment report containing personalized career development plans and career matches)
  • Online career counselling (Three sessions of Face-to-face career guidance & counselling by the expert counsellors)
  • Career library (Lifetime access to the entire information on 300+ different career options)
  • Career planning (Extensive action plan for the career development)
  • Dedicated career mentor (goal mentoring, personalized mentoring, and complete support for 1 year)
  • Online adherence (3 months online adherence for all career-related queries)
  • Education Loan assistance and scholarships (Personalized report on educational loans and scholarships throughout India)
  • The one-to-one career assessment also consists of most of the above features except for Dedicated career mentors, online support and scholarships

The website consists of the following:

  • Career Libraries
  • Counsellors
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Cancellation & Return Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Conditions & Terms
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogs

Career Libraries

The career libraries consist of lifetime access to the entire information on more than 200 different career options.

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Each of the careers present in it will give a detailed explanation of how to have a career in them, their eligibility, top institutes in India, entrance exams, career opportunities, jobs, salary, study material, their Pros & Cons.


Here there will be a list of counsellors where their personal information and biographies are given along with their teaching skills so that the aspirants get to know about their talents.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section would consist of the frequently asked questions where the doubts regarding the career counselling can be rectified clearly when they are read through all of them.

Cancellation & Return Policy

The policy involves the following:

(i) The refund will be initiated within one week after making the payment

(ii) It will be initiated if the career counselling service isn’t availed by the user in case of a full refund

(iii) Following activities are not included in the counselling service:

1) Counselling for personal emotional issues

2) Sharing details of the institutes


  • The session can be rescheduled or cancelled within 12 hours’ notice to Mere Mentor
  • Emails need to be written for the rescheduling or cancellation of the class
  • The individuals will not be liable for a refund after 12 hours in case of cancellation
  • If the email is not received from one’s end to Mere Mentor for the request of the cancellation of the session, then it will not be rescheduled without prior notice
  • The cancellation done before 12 hours will be completely free of cost

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Privacy Policy

Mere Mentor completely considers the privacy policy and follows them strictly so that no other data is linked to them. It safeguards privacy using known security standards. The websites combine industry-approved electronic, procedural and physical safeguards to ensure that the information is well protected.

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Terms and Conditions

As visitors, they are bound to follow certain conditions and terms so that the legal issues get avoided later on.

Landing Pages

It is a standalone web page that is created specifically for advertising or marketing campaigns. It would give you a lot of information and confidence with regards to the part of counselling taking place in various states.


This blog is the regularly updated content of several topics about various careers that can be chosen in the current trends according to each one’s academic qualifications.

Thus whenever people have attended Career Counselling in Bangalore, they would have got to know that Mere Mentor is the best one for taking career counselling in the country. This should be enhanced further by sharing with their family members and friends.

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