What’s more with RuneScape Game Membership?

What’s more with RuneScape Game Membership?

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RuneScape Game Membership

To begin, if players haven’t experienced this yet, they must purchase a RuneScape subscription, which also allows them to get RuneScape Gold for sale. When they join, they will gain access to all of the content in RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, including all quests and skills. Players can also utilize OSRS Gold and get the best deals along with several other options.

How will Jagex help?

Jagex has partnered with a number of payment companies, each of which offers distinct subscription payment options and costs. During a safe payment process, different payment methods demand different information. Some subscriptions will automatically renew unless the player cancels them, allowing them to continue their membership without interruption.

Benefits of the Membership:

‘RuneScape Membership’ grants players access to a plethora of extra features, including hundreds of new quests & adventures, a larger game world to explore, exclusive skills to master, and a plethora of minigames.

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Users can also unlock exclusive goodies, clothes, and emotes to show off to their friends through the Members Loyalty Program. Members can also gain access to the game’s most powerful weaponry and armor, form clan citadels with their pals, and even construct their homes.

Besides the membership, let us talk about the new update, which users will be able to enjoy soon.



To begin with Zygomite Carestyling, players will need at least 82 Firemaking or Fletching — further activities will demand higher levels in both, but users can earn XP on the way! Players must also have finished Elder God Wars: Extinction.

Finally, to access Anachronia, players will need to be a member of RuneScape.


Ben the old zygomite was looking forward to assisting with the incubation of the ilujanka’s dinosaur eggs, but he’s been sidetracked by a new desire to become a zygomite carestylist. Ben has persuaded a few pals to help him get some practice in exchange for a free haircut, but he didn’t anticipate the offer being so well received! It’s all a little daunting for him, but happily, users can save the day with their trusty Fletching Knife and Tinderbox! They’re the ideal tools for fixing a mushroom’s terrible hair day and saving Ben’s business from some pretty negative press.

Channeling the inner barber is a low-intensity second-screen pastime that rewards players with Tempered Fungal Shafts, which may be used in Fletching.


Meanwhile, Prehistoric Potterington has been developing the ideal fertilizer, which she believes can be made from, well, the remains of the Bograda Rex, a dinosaur bred (and fed) just for the purpose of pooing!

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Ben had to sort the nice eggs into Galgalar’s incubator and take the bad eggs, um, somewhere else as the first step in the procedure. Unfortunately, he’s gone to pursue his career in hairstyling, so it’s up to the players to sort and hatch those eggs! In case of any questions, Galgalar is there to help.

Sharp Shell Shards can be used in Fletching after completing this exercise.


Once the Bograda Rexes have hatched, they must be fed for them to begin producing that wonderful high-yield fertilizer.

Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding, and Bill the zygomite is now experimenting with the explosive qualities of the, er,’ substance.’ Salusan the ilujanka is doing her best to correct him, but they could need players’ assistance!

Get a backpack full of newly born, vibrantly colored baby dinosaurs from the storm barn under Bill’s mysterious tree. Berrysaurus, branasaurus, beanasaurus, and rootlesaurus rex are four charming and finicky flavors.

With a light prod, they’ll locate the trough carrying their preferred food; for example, the branasaurus rex will only consume cereal from the cereal trough. Feed them beans (or berries, or grains, or roots) until they reach the size of a bograda rex. They’ll reward users with dinosaur manure and walk back to the storm barn gleefully. Adorable!

Then players can turn this amazing fertilizer into Dinosaur ‘Propellant,’ which is a super-efficient fuel for Fletching rocket-powered Dinarrows.

Now, what’s with the Rewards?


If players don’t feel like having MIGHTY DINARROWS at their disposal, the three components are all tradeable and have secondary uses.

Sharp Shell Shards can be lit for Firemaking XP (try saying that three times fast).

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To make Fungal Bowstrings, spin tempered Fungal Shafts on a Spinning Wheel. These work just like conventional Bowstrings, except they stack, allowing players to carry more of them about for all of their Fletching needs. Five Shafts make up each Bowstring.

Finally, Dinosaur ‘Propellant’ can be used for its intended purpose! To make Ultracompost, combine 50 units of it in a Compost Bin. Mmm, I’m sure that smells wonderful!


Players can Fletch their three components into powerful T95 Dinarrows once players have them, but the fun doesn’t stop there!

Players can also participate in a low-intensity, medium-XP training method that uses resonant anima to imbue their Dinarrows with the power of the Elder Gods, resulting in the Bik Arrow, Ful Arrow, Wen Arrow, and Jas Dragonbane Arrow, all of which have distinct special effects.

All arrows and components are stackable and tradeable, so if players feel like letting those poor baby rexes starve to death, players can ditch their farmhand duties and go shopping on the Grand Exchange for whatever is needed.


The developers say that the prices for all new memberships and bond sales will rise later this year due to rising development expenditures and operation fees. Because Runescape is a free-to-play game, the upgrades have proven to be a significant advantage for the game. The fact that there is so much content to explore is one of the reasons why consumers enjoy this game.

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