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Betting Systems and What Online Casino Games to Use Them On

How to improve the chances of winning slots in a live casino, India?

Playing games of chance is an entertainment-filled activity. Monetary gain aside, the reason why so many partake in placing wagers on events with uncertain outcomes is the thrill of it all, the notion that your life can change with a simple roll of the dice.

Ever since this activity came into existence, people have looked for ways to tip the scale in their favor. To get lady luck to join them as they venture off on a winning journey. Thus, they have sought after implementing strategies that would improve their chances in this endeavor.

Over time many people claim to have developed principles that provide an edge if you have the bankroll and patience to follow through. Others say that none of these offer any guarantees. However, since technology is part of everyday life, let’s see how some of these systems work, and what online games you can test them on today.

The Martingale System – Online Roulette

The Martingale is a betting system that has roots in 18th century France. Rumor has it that it was popularized by casino owner John Martindale, who didn’t use the system himself but encouraged his patrons to try it, declaring that using it is how you make the best roulette bets.

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The reason this approach grew popular is that it seems rational. There is no need to memorize complicated equations or use brain power. You find a game that offers 50/50 bets, like Roulette red or black, and double your bet after each loss.

If you start with a $5 bet and lose, your next one should be $10. Once you land a win, you reset. It plays on statistical probabilities. Nonetheless, drawbacks include that the ball may land on zero and that you will inevitably reach the bet limit. So, luck is needed even when using the Martingale system to land insane wins.

The D’Alembert System – Online Blackjack

Probably the second most popular betting system, trailing only behind the Martingale, with which it shares characteristics. Both involve negative progression, meaning increasing bet sizes following a losing bet, and lowering them after a win. However, the difference is that the progression here happens much slower. While this may be an advantage, it also means that you will recoup your losses slower.

Its name derives from Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert, a French mathematician who believed in the Law of Equilibrium, a long-term balance between success and failure. That you have a higher likelihood of a win after a loss, then to lose again.

According to the system, when playing blackjack, you have to raise your bet by one unit after every loss and lower it by one after every win. Instance, you’re playing blackjack with a $5 bet minimum, you bet $5, and if you lose, your next bet must be $10. If you win, you bet $5 again.

The Paroli Betting System – Online Baccarat

The Paroli system is a form of positive betting progression that has been in use since the 16th century when the Italians applied it to the card game Basset with success. You can also find it explained in the book Monte Carlo Anecdotes from 1910. The name comes from the Latin par, which means “one that is equal.”

The simplest explanation one can provide for this system is that you have to double your bet every time you win, that is until this happens three times in a row. While today, many implement it while playing roulette, you can use it with any casino game that features even odds bets. You’ll often find baccarat players implementing the Paroli system, referred to as the Reverse Martingale.

It works by placing a single unit bet on an even money outcome. If you lose, you bet one unit again. You continue this trend until you win. Then, you bet two units. If that bet loses, you return to betting one unit. Yet, if a two-unit bet wins, your next one will be doubled, or four units. The result will be either a net loss of one or a profit of seven units. Then, a new progression starts.

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