[PXIMouse] What is PXIMouse? Is it Useful or Dangerous?

If you’ve presently spotted PXIMouse in your background processes and are worried about its presence in your system, you are at the right place.

Let us clear first thing initially, and it is not a keylogger or a virus. It is a PixArt Imaging Inc software/app used for displaying mouse pointer animation for specific mice from several brands. Talking about the software’s keyboard is an essential part of PC, and these Gaming Keyboards are the best alternatives to go for if you are looking for one.

There are many questions related to PXIMouse being a keylogger and a virus. Most of the consumers suggested scanning files through virustotal.com and attempt the scanning system with an antivirus. All of that hard work is of no use as it is not a keylogger or a virus (at least that’s what I know). I searched many online forums and platforms, and then we are writing this article to ensure that nobody gets its computer hurt by some virus, malware, or a keylogger.

What exactly is PXIMouse?

PXIMouse by Pixart Imaging Inc is software whose function is to show mouse pointer animation on your PC. It is put into background tasks when you plugin particular mouse types into your PC/Laptop. Please do not disable it or end a process named PXIMouse.exe; otherwise, you might end up having your mouse pointer disabled.

PXIMouse is a Virus?

It is not a virus; to ensure it is not, you can get it scanned through your antivirus program and many online tools. Yet, all such hard work would be for nothing because it is installed and run when you plugin-specific mouse into your PC. If you recall not having it earlier, and it begins suddenly seeing, you might have altered your mouse or upgraded it to another one. That is why it is described on many online forums concerning the PXIMouse myth. If you were into trouble thinking of it as a virus, don’t be anxious, it is a safe program for a particular task, as we told you earlier.

How to verify if PXImouse Is a Virus?

How can you check if PXImouse is a virus? If you are anxious that the executable file related to the PXImouse service or TiltWheelMouse.exe on your PC is a virus, you can upload the .exe file to a website, scan it for the virus, and report to you whether the file is safe.

You can also see if the XImouse in Task Manager. Follow the steps below to accomplish that:

Step 1: Press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc buttons simultaneously to open Task Manager.

Step 2: Look for PXImouse and right-click it to select Open file location.

Step 3: It will display where the PXIMouse is. If your file is in C/Windows, it translates to the fact that the PXImouse is not the malware.

Step 4: If your file is not in the C/Windows folder, you can do the operations given below.

  1. Use Windows Defender to scan files.
  2. Upload files containing PXIMouse or TiltWheelMouse to the virus scanning website.

Should You Disable PXImouse?

It’s not suggested to disable PXImouse since disabling or deleting PXIMouse or TiltWheelMouse may affect the mouse’s performance. If you delete or disable PXIMouse, you may encounter the following situations:

  • The mouse button does not work.
  • The mouse doesn’t move.
  • Windows cannot recognize your mouse.