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What is investment objective?

by Ganesh Kolekar
What is investment objective?

Investment objective is nothing but the idea or the intention behind your mutual fund investment.

While it is every investors aim is to make their money grow with best possible returns, some might invest with their pension as their objective or to save taxes or simply they want their money to grow in long term.

What is investment objective?c

Fortunately, there are enough options in mutual funds to help you achieve your financial goals.

1.Growth Funds:

These mutual funds invest mainly in equity assets to give high returns to their investment. Since the funds are usually invested in shares, the risk factor is huge in these kinds of funds. These are best for long term capital investment to give you higher profits, through resources like Livecasinoreports.com.

2.Income Funds:

If you are an investor who is looking for regular income with protection for your initial capital, it is best to invest in income mutual funds. These funds are usually invested on government bonds and debts. They offer you the stability of a fixed deposit but with more tax-effective, flexible and higher return option.3.

3.Liquid Funds:

These give you high liquidity., meaning if you are unsure on the time period of how long you want to invest your money but still want to get some return., this is the best option there is. Best suitable for new or small-time investors. They give you moderate returns but provide maximum flexibility for your investment capital.

4.Tax Saving Funds:

These are also called Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS). These type of funds not only help you with saving your tax, they also help you growing your money. These are open ended funds, usually considered high risk, but has proven to give higher returns in the long run.

5.Cryptocurrency Funds:

Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin are in high buzz this days. They have been performing pretty good. You can say they have given more than 10-100x investment growth to many people who have hodled them from long. But main issue with this fund is they are highly volatile and legalities in many countries is not yet defined.

Check out complete guide to cryptocurrency to understand more about them: https://www.cryptoground.com/guide

6.Capital Protection Funds:

These mutual funds are a mixture of fixed income funds and equity funds. This is done to ensure that the capital provided by the investor will give best returns while maintaining the capital provided by them.

7.Fixed Maturity Funds:

These are closed end funds, usually know as mutual fund version of fixed deposit account.

These funds are invested with a specified lock in term that can range anywhere between few months and few years based on the investors choice low cost San Diego packing services. These provide better tax saving benefits compared to fixed deposits and offer a higher return of interest.

8.Pension Funds:

As the name suggests, these type of mutual funds help you plan your retirement. They offer a mix of equity and debt funds. While invested earlier in one’s career, equity ratio is higher than the debt ratio to give you maximum returns and as the tenure period comes closer, the debt ratio is increased while keeping the equity to a minimum.

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