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What Is A Temporary Agency?

What Is A Temporary Agency?

A temporary agency, also known as a placement agency or temporary work agency, is an agency that provides a user company with a temporary team member for a limited period.

The temp agency can be specialized in a sector of activity or be a generalist. It offers numerous assignments to temporary workers who have the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the companies concerned.

The temp agency can also act as a recruitment agency to find the ideal candidate for a position determined by a company.

What Is A Temporary Agency?

The temp agency is a temporary employment company that is responsible for recruiting different people for other companies.

These employees, also called temporary workers, are paid according to an agreed competence and carry out missions by being placed at the disposal of a client company of the temporary employment agency.

  • The temporary employment company or interim agency is also called an employer by law.
  • The client company of the quick employment company, for its part, is also named an employer.

Regarding contracts:

  • The contract that unites the temp worker and the temp agency is called the assignment contract.
  • The contract between the client company and the temp agency is called the provision contract.

Missions Of A Temp Agency

The main objective of the temp agency is to recruit employees for various companies. Some are more specialized in specific trades or sectors of activity.

The missions offered often lead to fixed-term contracts (fixed-term contracts), which are often used for:

  • seasonal positions;
  • increased activity;
  • the replacement of a person

Their Main Mission

Client companies will therefore send them their job offers. The temporary employment agencies will take care of the processing of these.

They will then be disseminated using different tools:

  • Internet ;
  • Employment centre ;
  • classified advertisements in local newspapers or in the press in general;
  • in their own catalogue.

Many temporary workers are already working in collaboration with the agency. However, care must always be taken to recruit new employees with different skills and qualifications to have a qualified workforce.

  • Some of their temporary workers can also be hired in a client company on a permanent contract. As a result, recruitment is an integral part of their job.
  • Some of these temping agencies are nationally recognized, with local branches all over France and even abroad.
  • This diversity makes it possible to offer an exciting panel of job offers.


The temp agency can also offer training to its loyal temporary workers to always be as efficient as possible.

Career development plans can also be put in place.

How To Integrate A Temporary Agency?

Temping agencies select the best profiles to meet the requirements of their client companies.

It, therefore, has specific recruitment methods to align the skills of candidates and the mission proposed by the company.

Recruitment Techniques

Applicants will have to deal with the common hiring technique, i.e .:

  • send the CV and cover letter to the temp agency ;
  • pass a job interview as well as recruitment tests.

All these provisions are essential to know very quickly if the candidate is operational. What are his skills, personality, and in what field?

  • Once the candidate is hired, he will integrate the agency’s database, which is in charge of the job offers and schedules of each temporary worker.
  • The new temporary worker must be motivated, efficient, responsive, and not tricky on the first missions entrusted to him.
  • Mobility and availability play a vital role in the choice of candidates.

How Does A Temp Agency Bill?

The temp agency will invoice its service to its client company.

Therefore, it is the temporary work company that will pay the temporary workers who are its employees in a way. It will also take care of the payment of contributions to the various social organizations.

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Temp Staffing Agency: Contractual Specificities

When it uses the services of a temporary staffing agency, a company loses its link to the team member since it introduces an intermediary into the contractual relationship.

In fact, the interim contract is divided into two aspects:

  • the agreement between the user company and the temp agency (provision contract )
  • the contract that binds the team member to the temp agency ( assignment contract )

Therefore, we can see that there is no direct link between the team member and the company for which he will work. The temp agency is its interlocutor in all the legal aspects of the employment relationship: drafting and signing of the contract, issuance of payslips …

The temporary worker must therefore distinguish …

  • the temporary agency that employs him: employer by right (since it establishes all the official documents)
  • the company for which he works: employer (because he defines the missions and gives the orders daily)

The interim agency invoices the company a sum that includes the salary of the temporary worker, social contributions, and a commission that finances its operation.

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