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What Are The Best Puzzle Games For Android Phones?

Best Puzzle Games For Android Phones

The advancement of technology has resulted in the evolution of mobile phone devices. Currently, anyone can access smartphones with unique touchscreen controls. As a result of this, puzzle developers have developed exciting puzzles that you can install on your mobile device and play everywhere you go. Luckily, there are many sites where you can download puzzle games, also there is the best crossword puzzle maker site where you can create puzzles. This article highlights some of the best puzzle games that you can install on your android device.

Best Puzzle Games For Android Phones

1. The Room Series

The Room is a famous puzzle that was created by fireproof games for mobile devices. It has four games that give you hours of challenging puzzle fun. Playing these games will remind you of the classic adventure series Siberia and Myst. The latest introduction to the Room series is the old sins. If you love excellent puzzles, you need to check out this game.

Every game in the Room series offers you hours of exciting fun without microtransactions and adds to keep you on toes. However, you may need to purchase some games in this series. That shouldn’t worry you because they’re affordable and sell for as low as $5.

2. New York Times Crossword

The NY Times daily crossword puzzle has grown to become one of the most famous puzzles of all time. Though it first started by featuring in the New York Times newspaper, there’s a free app that you can use to play the game without a pen or pencil. To access the great puzzles, you must subscribe to the times. If you buy the big puzzles, you’ll get additional daily 5×5 board mini puzzles for free.

Every puzzle requires a minute or two to complete and can be a great and satisfying way to begin your day. You can also get other puzzle packs through in-app purchases. The one week trial period enables you to get premium puzzles, though you can only access them if you’re a Times subscriber. That shouldn’t worry you because the subscription is easy and free.

3. Threes

Threes is an interesting number-based puzzle game that requires you to swipe the grid to match similar numbers. You have to think before making a move because if you fill the board, you’ll no longer be able to make a move when the game is over. Though this game looks simple, you may spend hours trying to master it.

If you want to get a real experience of this game, it’s advisable to purchase the full game because it doesn’t have ads that can destruct you. But if you don’t have or want to save money, you can play the free version, though you’ll have to contend with many ads that will keep on interrupting your game. Some people who play this game have confirmed that it’s a time-killing puzzle.

Bottom Line

If you have an android mobile device, you have no excuse for being bored because you can download several puzzle games to pass the time. These games will not only spice up your day but can keep you occupied for the whole day. Fortunately, game developers keep on creating games with interesting gameplays and graphics to increase your gaming experience.

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