What are the benefits of MilesWeb cloud for the eCommerce websites?

What are the benefits of MilesWeb cloud for the eCommerce websites?

Have you ever  got a question, why do we get a suggestion to try cloud hosting  even though there are various hosting solutions are available? This is because cloud hosting offers the  amazing features that will take your business to the next level in terms of performance. Moreover, cloud has come up with the concept of virtualization of vast server infrastructure and it has created a huge impact on the IT industry worldwide. In case, you are running an eCommerce website and facing challenges with the current hosting plan, it’s time to welcome MilesWeb cloud hosting solution.

Why MilesWeb cloud?

MilesWeb offers everything that you need to enhance the performance of your eCommerce site. The three main benefits of MilesWeb cloud hosting: Easy To Deploy, Easy To Scale  and Easy to Manage.  If your site is expecting heavy traffic then MilesWeb cloud provides a feature called traffic distributor which will help you to manage the traffic of site smoothly. You might wanna look for DevOps automation. In the same way, the list of features are never ending, which as follow below:-

1) Automatic scaling – Vertical and Horizontal.

2) Plenty of options are available for software stacks and technologies.

3) Docker containers support

4) Smart orchestration of resources

5) Pay per usage model

6) DevOps automation

7) User friendly UI

8) Rich marketplace

You can reach the MilesWeb helpdesk anytime via chat, email and phone, as their support team is available 24*7*365 to serve you. Looking for Cloud Services In India? Check MilesWeb plans. Additionally, if you are a developer or running a startup, sme’s website then you can consider Java Hosting to strengthen your business.

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MilesWeb Cloud Comparison


Benefits of cloud hosting for eCommerce:-

1) Develop trust:-

The foremost responsibility of any eCommerce website is to create a trust among the audience. With the help of MilesWeb cloud, you can easily gain trust among the audience by informing them that you are using cloud platform that in return safeguard their confidential information. The cloud allows user to do shopping without any hassle.

2) Cost:-

Cost is the ultimate factor that has motivated the business owners to migrate their business onto the cloud. The low cost is required for developing and deploying the eCommerce application. Pay per usage model helps you to save your resource by allowing resource to use as per the need.

3) Speed:-

For any eCommerce website, loading speed is the key element that helps its user to browse your website further. However, cloud infrastructure ensures the maximum speed than a normal server. User will experience better performance while browsing the websites or applications which are stored on cloud servers.

4)  Security:-

Due to the growing competition, it has become necessary to protect the website and the server where your website is hosted. Similarly,  MilesWeb offers various security tools such as SSL Certificate, Spam Expert, Web Application Firewall, Acronis Cloud Backup and Codeguard to protect your website.

5)   Backup:-

The cloud provides unlimited features in comparison to other hosting solutions. There are multiple providers that commit to provide amazing features like backup, security, advanced support and more. Local backup offers limited features to safeguard the server and those features don’t meet the exact requirement in terms of protecting the server. Since cloud storage is based on virtual servers, cloud backup offers the superior features.

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Tips to increase the conversion rate of an eCommerce website:-

1) User reviews:-

Being an eCommerce website, it is obvious that users will check your website reviews before buying the product. However, real and genuine reviews can assist to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce website. This is because users are most likely to buy the products from your website if you have displayed authentic reviews and ratings of the products. There are multiple plugins and themes available online that you can use for displaying the reviews on your product pages. You can also get in touch with other review platforms to list your product reviews.

2) Include an FAQ section:-

Adding an FAQ section will highly motivate the customers to browse your website further.  With the help of the FAQ, a potential buyer who has visited your website can clear his/her query. In the FAQ section, you can cover various questions about the manufacturing of the products, product usage, checkout process, refund process, questions about returning the product, etc. Thus, a user will find comfortable and they will think to buy from your website. Moreover, adding a link of FAQ page in the product description will make the buying process simple.

3) Persistent shopping cart:-

It’s a common fact that people will add the product to the shopping cart and continue shopping. Even though buying process doesn’t take place because of any reason, but later they can decide what to buy and what not to buy? By chance products in the shopping cart get expired, then the user will not begin buying process again from the scratch. Therefore, having a persistent shopping cart on your website will lead to create a persistent cookie, the shopping cart will display all the added products to the customer even after visiting a week or a day.

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4) Display clear call to action:-

Always aim to offer a great  buying experience to the customers who visit on your website. In short, keep navigation of the website simple so that options would get easily available to the customer. This is because if people find it tough to search these options like add to cart or checkout on the website then you can consider this as a failure of your business. Thus, considering these two options as important ones and displaying prominently on your website.


If you focus on all above mentioned important factors, then you will become a billionaire in one night and your eCommerce site will soon become a market leader. Found article worth? Do share your view in the comment box.

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