Want to boost your creativity? These 6 games can help you

Videos games used to have a bad reputation for wasting players’ time and encouraging an unproductive lifestyle. It was believed that they make gamers sit in front of a screen for hours and numb them to what is happening around them.

This was a common understanding of the pre-internet era. But a plethora of research has now emerged, highlighting the positive impacts of video games. Various studies have indicated the crucial role of video games in boosting gamers’ creativity and refining other cognitive skills.

Besides the obvious factors of fun and entertainment, games revitalize your mind by challenging your thinking capabilities. Creative games, including puzzles, math games, and brain teasers, compel players to get creative and find solutions. Developing the will and ability to find out-of-the-box solutions is a significant part of creative living.

In this post, we did some digging to find out the leading gaming apps that will help you boost your creativity. Let’s take a peek at the games below:

  1. Animal Crossing:

Animal Crossing combines socialization with creativity-building, as it allows gamers to boost their creativity and develop relationships. The game features a player who arrives on an island and trade various items to build a home. Players can fish, sell fruits, dig for treasures, and perform low-stress tasks to build and decorate their homes.

As you complete the tasks, your house grows in size, and you have more options to decorate it. You can grow fruits and flowers, buy clothes, invite neighbors, and enjoy a near real-life experience. The simplicity of the game, combined with the creative nature, has appealed to professional gamers and an audience that doesn’t regularly play games.

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Animal Crossing becomes more interesting as the village grows and new characters are introduced. Though it’s a circular process with no end in sight, the game offers various variations that allow for growth in creativity and cognitive skills. The game is available for free and offers in-app purchases.

  1. Minecraft:

Minecraft is one of the most popular games for improving creativity. The gaming app has hit the top spot with more than 1,00,000,000 registered users around the world. It is a fairly simple game that allows gamers to build immense structures and tools using natural resources.

The game calls for creativity to build structures, from simple homes and huts to grand castles like the Taj Mahal. Users can use sand, water, wood, and other natural resources to build their own world. Minecraft is suitable for adults, kids, school children, and can be played in any setting and social circle.

The game even offers a creative mode that allows players to use creative skills to make their own fun. Players can join with friends and family using online servers and create together on their pixelated canvas.

  1. Duolingo:

Duolingo is a creative learning game that improves your language learning skill. Duolingo presents lessons in a way that makes learning interactive and entertaining. The gaming app is based on puzzles and a panel of words to solve the visual and audio puzzles. Players are rewarded with ‘gems’ and ‘level up’ as they progress in the game.

Duolingo has a wide range of languages and provides opportunities to learn through competition. With reading, listening, translation, and comprehension lessons, the app ensures that you’ve enough vocabulary to work your way around in any place of the world. The app boosts creativity and enhances cognitive skills by gamifying the learning experience.

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Duolingo saw a massive surge in usage across the world in the last few months. According to App Annie, the game’s rank rose from 168th to 97th during March 2020. Duolingo uses the freemium model and provides free access to the app and website. However, they also have a premium service for a fee.

  1. Hypersudoku:

Most newspapers and magazines include Sudoku, and those who are highly-interested even grab books comprising these puzzles. The craze for Sudoku is so extreme that it even has its own championships.

Hypersudoku by Unlimited Gamez Mo is an exciting puzzle game that lets you put your intelligence to the test and improve creativity. It is a game that anyone can play anywhere to improve their reasoning skills and decode complex clues.

Sudoku puzzles are known to enhance various skills and cognitive functions of the brain. Players get the opportunity to sharpen their mental capabilities by thinking abstractly and challenging their intelligence.

  1. Little Big Planet:

Little Big Planet is a video game series created by Media Molecule and is available on multiple PlayStation platforms. It is a popular game in which the player moves and explores various surfaces to find hidden objects. Players reach the next level as they complete the target.

Players also get the opportunity to create their own levels, meaning that you can create whatever you can imagine. Players can move as forward as they can, based on their creative minds. The level of player contribution in LBP makes the game even more interesting.

  1. The Sims:

The Sims is a sequel to the popular game series Sim City. It is one of the most popular video game series with nearly 200 million copies sold worldwide. The Sims has arguably crossed Sim City in popularity, with numerous expansion packs and infinite opportunities to be creative.

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The game encourages creativity and allows the players to build houses and create characters. Players can also make different stories for each character or intertwine their lives until a community is built.

Final thoughts:

Spending hours in front of your PC or mobile screen doesn’t always mean that you are wasting your time. There are many games designed to enhance the area of the brain responsible for creativity and intelligence. From building to learning and writing, there are many ways in which games can help you boost creativity through gameplay.

The list of creative games can be endless, but the above six picks will surely improve your mental capabilities. If there are other games that you know are educational and entertaining, let us know in the comments.

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