Want A Thriving Career? Focus On DATA SCIENCE!

Ever wondered how advertisements related to the specific thing you searched up yesterday emerge on your feed? It is all a brainchild of Data Science. The main areas that this course covers is predictive analysis, better decision making, and most importantly pattern discovery. Pattern discovery is especially used in the marketing sectors to determine trends in the purchase of products.


What are the steps involved in Data Science?

  • Exploration of the data.
  • Asking questions that are pertinent to the data.
  • Modeling the data by using numerous algorithms and patterns.
  • And lastly, communication and visualization of the results obtained.

Why you should opt for Data Science Course?

Data science poses an excellent opportunity in interdisciplinary fields such as business analysis, which incorporates aspects like statistics, modeling, analysis, and computer science. A thorough coaching from experienced companies/individuals will give you an edge over the others and aid in seizing the opportunities introduced.

  • The rank of a data scientist is considered to be the greatest culmination rank. There has been an estimation of 2.7 million career opportunities in Data science and analytical roles alone by the year 2020.
  • The Data Science sector experiences high demand all over, however, there is a scarcity in the amount of good data scientists
  • Market giants such as Apple Inc., Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Amazon, Uber, and social media sharing sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a few of the companies that hire Data Scientists.
  • Over 1.4 Lakh jobs are reported to be vacant under the Data Science, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence sectors in accordance with NASSCOM.
  • The World will experience a shortage of about 2.3 lakh professionals in the Data Science sector by the year 2021.
  • There has been an increase in the demand of expertise data scientist by over 417% in 2018, in India alone, as per the record of Talent Supply Index.
  • It is considered the best job for pursuing according to Glassdoor’s 2018 rankings.
  • Harvard Business Review has stated that the profession of a data scientist is the sexiest job in the 21st century.
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 Job Opportunities offered in Data Science

Following are the types of jobs that students pursuing data science courses can opt for:

  • Business analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data consultant
  • Data and analytics manager
  • Principal scientist
  • Data Architect

What are the preferences to apply for the Data Science Course?

  • Fresher’s belonging to any stream possessing good logical and analytical skills.
  • Professionals belonging to any sector that possess mathematical, analytical and logical skills.
  • And Professionals working in Business intelligence, reporting tools, and data warehousing.
  • Mathematicians, Statisticians, and Economists.
  • Software programmers.
  • Six Sigma consultants.
  • Business analysts.

What are the challenges by Data Scientists?

  1. Determination: For qualifying as a data scientist / analyst, one needs to be endowed with profound knowledge in terms of data. However, this can be too overwhelming for one.
  2. Communication: One needs to have good communication skills for interaction.
  3. Teamwork: United we stand, divided we fall – this phrase holds true especially in this case.

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