Top 6 Active Campaign Alternatives to Consider in 2020

In 2020, we have stepped into a whole new decade of digital possibilities after a swiftly evolving digital scene that has charted its journey since the past few decades. We are now in a place where all things commercial have moved online and have found an automated way to exist.

Digital marketing and CRM or customer relationships management are two of the fields that have been seamlessly integrated to deal with the bulk of information online. How does this help? Well, for starters, it helps you tap into all your opportunities without having to manually track and create campaigns, even as all your contact information is in one place to access at the touch of a button or a single tap. With social media posts, SEO efforts and email marketing, you need to know who your audience is and how to reach out to them.

There are a number of platforms and tools that help you do this by bringing the contact information, interactions and finally the campaigns together for an automated effort that helps your team and you focus on the bigger picture. Brands and platforms like ActiveCampaign are focused on such softwares and systems.

So what is ActiveCampaign and why are we looking for an ActiveCampaign alternative? Well, to begin with ActiveCampaign is a well known CRM tool that also combines email marketing and a few other components of digital marketing to help you reach and service your clients in a seamless manner. Yet, there are many limitations that require businesses – especially the smaller and upcoming ones – to look for alternatives to ActiveCampaign.

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For starters, an alternative to ActiveCampaign would have to be more affordable and easier to setup. It would also need to have more support and offer businesses more features on a single platform when it comes to all the other aspects of digital marketing and CRM. Here are a few worthy alternatives to ActiveCampaign:

  1. EngageBay: With a complete suite of features that reaches out to close to 12,000 clients globally, EngageBay is possibly one of the best alternatives to ActiveCampaign. Not only does it offer you email marketing that is tied in with CRM, it also helps you maintain a number of campaigns at the same time across many social media platforms. With Engage Bay, you get many affordable plans and support at all times as well.
  2. ConstantContact: This platform offers you CRM built in with great email marketing campaigns so that you can find a good alternative to ActiveCampaign without looking too far. Yet, what can be seen is that it only fulfills the requirement of email campaigning which leaves much else to the imagination.
  3. MailJet: This is another platform which can fill in as an alternative to ActiveCampaign. With Mail Jet, you get to tap into analytics and design side of email marketing. This helps you send and track emails seamlessly even as the contact information and interactions are recorded on the CRM system that it offers you along with all these services. Yet, there are many other features that businesses need rather than mere email marketing with CRM.
  4. AWeber: As an ActiveCampaign alternative, AWeber has a number of email marketing and designing features that can help you create noteworthy campaigns for your clients. This platform brings you many templates that have helped many businesses attain their goals in an easy manner. You can turn to AWeber if you are merely looking at CRM coupled with email marketing for your enterprise.
  5. MailOptin: This platform will help you get your emails out there with an impressive look and feel. Yet, it does not offer much else in terms of social media and other platforms that need to be integrated with CRM so as to form a wholesome marketing automation front. With MailOptin, you get many features that also help you attain meaningful lead generation along with popups and notifications bars that can hold the attention of your end user and audience.
  6. iContact Pro: With an Editor feature, you can build email templates in a matter of minutes on iContact Pro, yet it does not tackle any other area of marketing operation that is so important to the entire gamut of digital marketing. As one of the alternatives to ActiveCampaign, it definitely fulfills the email side of things. With iContact Pro, you get to tap into analytics as well so that you can keep track of your emails and understand what grabs the attention of your core audience so that you can continue to do more of just that!
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At the end of this review, we can find that EngageBay is one of the best alternatives to ActiveCampaign since it integrates many different elements of marketing automation with CRM at an affordable cost.

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