Top 5 tech careers for the future

Top 5 tech careers for the future

With each passing year, technology is evolving to make our lives easier and even more hassle-free. At present, it is almost impossible to think of surviving without technology as it has become a necessity in our lives. From business to everyday lifestyles, everything advanced around us with the advent of technology. Google maps, smartwatches, self-driving cars, smart assistants, social media monitoring, manufacturing robots, proactive healthcare management, and smartphones are just a few examples of modern technology.

All these innovations are not the end of this modern technology. Engineers and scientists around the world are striving hard to improve our lives with the help of technology. According to the latest report by IBEF, the Information Technology (IT) industry in India is projected to increase to USD 350 billion over the next four years. Therefore, the IT industry requires skilled B. Tech graduates in large numbers to meet the growing demand of the market. Thus, it is the right time to secure B. Tech admission for a rewarding career and prospect returns.

Here are the top five tech careers in which you can make a promising future.

1. Data Scientist- This is one of the most in-demand jobs and a promising career for the future. The demand for data science professionals in different technology areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Analytics, and Quantum Computing is growing exponentially. Tech giants such as Google, IBM, Apple, Accenture, Facebook, and Microsoft pay well to skilled data scientists for their exceptional skillset. 

2. Machine Learning Engineer- Undoubtedly, machine learning is the present as well as future of the world. It is the most in-demand job in the technology industry. They even get a lucrative remuneration for their work. Senior Analyst at Forrester Research Brandon Purell says that the company’s future success depends upon the adoption of machine learning. These professionals can find themselves in top IT firms.

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3. Robotics Engineer- Humans cannot perform many jobs on their own. For such jobs, we require robots, mainly in the gaming and manufacturing industries. Notably, robotics engineers create robots used in the manufacturing industry. In a nutshell, robotics engineers build machines that copy human actions. It is considered a high-end professional career worldwide due to its skillsets.

4. UI/UX Designer- The demand for UI or UX designers, respectively known as User Interface and User Experience designers, is soaring globally. They are the most in-demand job in the present e-commerce or online business world. These designers work hard to improve user interaction with everyday products and services for various platforms. Moreover, they are highly paid to tackle complex technical challenges. Online design courses on UI and UX are available if you want to develop these technical skills.

5. Cloud Engineer- As businesses are making their presence online, the demand for cloud engineers is skyrocketing. IT companies are recruiting cloud engineers in massive numbers to modify and improve existing systems. They also design, develop and manage server-based technologies. These professionals are highly paid in the product and service-based companies.

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