Top 5 Myths That Surround Mobile Application Development

Top 5 Myths That Surround Mobile Application Development

As today companies are trying for process improvement and boost efficiency, enterprise mobility answers surface to make employees more lucrative and much more effective in the workplace.

The popularity of mobile applications has increased by leaps and bounds as the potential success for designers and the benefits for end-users of applications have risen. However, there are various misconceptions about them have also appeared.

As a professional mobile app developer, you may have a dream of three things, including 1) developing killer mobile apps 2) get them downloaded by millions of users 3) develop more amazing apps that get downloaded by even more users.

Unfortunately, the truth is that the path is quite tricky and deceptive. There are various uncertain blocks and myths that might take you away from the right path. Therefore, it is must for you to avoid those myths that surround mobile app development.

Here are some of the most common myths relating to mobile app development

Myth 1: You will make millions from selling your application

If you have decided to make the most successful application, you should pay close attention that are important things relating to it. As making a top selling application that makes millions of dollars is not like buying a lottery ticket.

If you are entering the mobile app industry with the hope of making millions quickly and easily, you should try your luck with the lotto as developing the most popular application is not as easy as it sounds.

You need to be focused and attentive and make your application with the extreme care. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get rich in the application world; however, you are less likely to be disappointed if you focused on developing quality products, which make a stable income for the long run.

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Myth 2: Pay-to-download Apps are the Deal-breaker

At the time of visiting Wal-Mart, you only pay for once to get a product you need. But, this rule of thumb is not the only monetization option in the world of mobile applications. You may take it as crazy, but it’s true that free applications bring developers more money. You can go check out these figures and know the truth.

Last year, free applications were downloaded by 287 billion mobile users as most of the mobile users prefer to download free applications instead of paid ones that must fix their marketing efforts in the right direction.

Myth 3: There is no follow-up task after developing the app

As you know that developing a mobile application is a highly difficult task that includes a lot of dedication and coding. In the process of developing a high-end mobile app, you can need to smooth the interface and add the latest features in the simplest manner.

Many of you all may think that the work is finished here once you develop the application, but the real work begins after the app is ready to be released to the public as it requires to be tested wonderfully for bugs and its user-friendliness.

The success of any mobile application depends upon a well-planned marketing strategy as it doesn’t get lost in the respective app stores. Apart from this, there should be regular updates of your application so that you keep the application responsive and functioning.

Myth 4: Developers Think Eye-candy Blows Content

There are lots of mobile app developers, who make their apps attractive and eye-catching and forget to fill the app with right content. As you know that the first impression is the last, so try to make your application perfect in all the manner. No matter how appealing your app is if you do not include content in it, it won’t appear good among your users.

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Always remember that art and attractive images are the things draws attention and make your users download your app, but you want to make your users engage with the app, engaging content plays an important role.

Myth 4: More & More People Will Download It Once It Hits an App Store

Do you know that your application will be one of million or so programs when it hits the app store? Many of you may think that your application will be downloaded by more and more people once it hits the stores. But the reality is totally different if you do not promote your app seriously, very few people will know about your app.

You can make your application stand out from rest of the apps by having an excellent name and some wonderful graphics, but it is equally important to spread the word as word of mouth marketing can impact your application. Like reviews, social media posts, ads, press releases and other marketing methods can also work out for your app.

Myth 5: Developing an App is an Instant Process

Often it is believed that developing a mobile application is a lot easy process though it is a quite easier process to develop a simple yet effective application faster than more complex apps.

Being a long and tedious process, it can take anything between a few to several weeks to finish. At the time of developing an application like interface, marketing strategy, bugs, features, and more, there are numerous things that should be taken care.

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Smoothing out these features and keeping the app open enough to develop new features from time to time is a quite long process.

So, these are the five myths that are surrounding mobile application development. Make sure that you do not have these myths in your mind while developing an app for your business.

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