Tips To Create An Anonymous Question & Answer App Like YOLO

Anonymous question and answer apps are the new sensation in the market. These apps are mainly becoming popular because of the environment they offer to users to ask any questions or express themselves freely. Anonymous interactions are the latest trend. Such apps are especially liked by teens who are flocking to download them. If you are thinking to create an anonymous question and answer app, then this blog is going to surely help you out.

How Does YONO App Works?

YONO is a new sensation for teens. There are many similar apps like Yik Yak Curious, and But none of them has become popular like YOLO. So, let us find out what makes this app so special. This anonymous question-asking app is built on the popular Snap Kit platform. For login it uses Snapchat and you can add the “Ask Me Anything” label to any of your Snapchat stories with the Bitmoji profile pics. YOLOO works only for those having a Snapchat account.

The sticker of YOLO is quite similar to the Instagram Stories question sticker. But it has a major difference. When someone asks a question with YOLO, the user name cannot be seen. To be precise, YOLO combines the Instagram Stories question with anonymity and has integrated it into Snapchat.

What Important Features Should Be Included In An Anonymous Q&A App Like YONO?

Sign Up

You need to open an account to put up and answer questions. When it comes to YONO, users need to have an account on Snapchat. If you want to create an app just like YONO, the app developers India suggest to integrate the platform in a particular social network. You can implement the sign-up feature through Twitter or LinkedIn.

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It completely depends on you whether you want to provide your anonymous Question and Answer app users with profile feature or not. If you want the users to store everything safely with them, then the profile feature is necessary. The famous YONO app does not have the profile feature as it only lets users to ass stickers to their questions on Snapchat Stories. Moreover, for long-in, YONO uses Snapchat, which makes the users access any questions and answers until the snaps are available that is for 24 hours for Stories and a maximum of 30 days if a Snap is directly sent to someone.

Question and Answer Feature

This is the main purpose of creating an app like YONO. But if you want to offer anonymity while asking questions and answers, then there are two different approaches. With the first approach, though anyone can use the app without needing to register themselves, it allows bullying. However, if you wish to make an app like YONO, you can go with the second approach, which is a safer one. Though users will need to register themselves initially, they can hide their identity if they wish to ask questions or make comments. Moreover, YONO also has the authority to ban users in case of offensive messages.

Reporting Feature For Offensive Messages

Whether you want to develop an anonymous platform like YONO or not, you should definitely include the Reporting feature to the app, recommend the app developers India. In case of offensive messages, users should be able to block the sender, even when the comment is left anonymously. When it comes to hate speech or bullying, you should offer your users with the features to report those comments to moderators of the platform.

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Since your app will be used on many different devices, synchronization is very important to make data easily available on all devices as and when required.


Your app should have someone, be it a person, a team, or an algorithm, to handle any kind of issues when it comes to messages. You can also implement machine learning to get the best results. This is an important feature to implement in your anonymous Q&A app when it comes to offensive messages, bullying, or hate speech.

Customizing the Design

If you want to make the most out of your app, you should offer your users the ability to set background images either from your library or theirs and to select from a collection of color themes. Making your app customizable can-do wonders. Make the app simple to navigate with attractive designs. Make the process of posting questions and answers as easy as possible.

Likes and Social Sharing

When compared to leaving a comment, likes are a preferred option for most due to its simplicity and convenience. So, you should consider including the likes feature in your app like YONO. Sharing is all the more popular since it lets users share their answered questions to other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. This feature makes the users more engaged and it offers a great chance to boost your audience base. Your platform will also have the chance of becoming increasingly more popular with such features.

Add Multimedia

You can add multimedia to liven up the messages. It can include anything from GIFs and images to videos. Remember to include an engine that will help you detect any kind of violence, nudity, and similar harmful images and videos. The app should allow adding those kinds of multimedia that can help illustrate all questions and answers. You can either ask your app developers India to create an algorithm for this or use the APIS that exist already.

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So, if you’re a startup looking to start a new business project, creating an anonymous Q&A app like YONO can be a great opportunity. With minimum features, an app like YONO is simple and quick to develop and implement. You can hire professional App developers India to create the best anonymous Q&A app efficiently and professionally.

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