Tips for Getting Rid of Old Mobile Phones

Tips for Getting Rid of Old Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are made of a varied range of materials including plastic, metals, etc. When a used phone is discarded, the recyclable metals in it go to waste and eventually have to be compensated by more mining.

Materials and parts of an old phone when extracted can be recycled and reused. But before giving away your phone for recycling or passing it on, it is advisable that all personal data stored in it is erased for your complete safety. Also, when you give your phone for recycling, it prevents unethical land fillings and emissions that pollute the environment.

Read ahead to find out some tips for getting rid of your old mobile phones.

  • Pass it on

Just because you’re bored of your old mobile phone, doesn’t mean that someone else can’t be interested in it. So if you are thoughtful and generous, you can ask around among friends or in the family if they are interested in your old mobile phone or simply donate it to someone who doesn’t have the means of obtaining one. Shelters for the homeless and some refugee centres often accept workable second-hand mobile phones.

  • Give it for recycling

Only recently, the U.S. is making efforts to regulate its disposal of e-waste to prevent the release of toxic contaminants that can affect ecosystems and living organisms. Since e-waste has some serious health impacts and raw metals used in phones may become more scarce, countries like the USA and China locally recycle and export e-waste.

A smart way to get rid of your old mobile phone is to contact your device manufacturer and check on their recycling services. Most reputed companies often take back old mobile phones for recycling or refurbishing other devices. Some larger phone manufacturers provide big boxes on request, to put the phone, charger and user manual in them.

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Some companies also have partnerships with recycling plants. They have the provision of centres around the world that can take back or recycle your old mobile phones.

  • Re-sell

Nowadays with the help of the internet, you can easily find out people in your area and online marketplaces that offer the best price for your old device. You not only have the option to choose between various payment gateways but you can also simply sell your phone for cash! There’s a high demand for second-hand mobile phones and the resale price is based on how old your phone is when compared to the latest version of the same model. You can reap a little financial benefit by pulling your old handsets out of the drawer or cupboard and selling them on. You may not be able to afford the latest best phone with the old phone’s price, but you can surely get a device that is fairly new.

  • Donate to help support a cause

No matter the amount, donating your old phones can help generate funds to support many causes – like for the treatment of breast cancer of the women who can’t afford it. If you are curious and care to inquire about campaigns that are always on the lookout to raise funds to help the needy, you can raise funds online or contact your phone’s manufacturer to inform them of your wish to donate your phones. They generally support the cause, collect the phones and refurbish them to suit the NGOs requirements.


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Some companies have their own recycling facilities. The danger in landfilling or burning e-waste is that it can affect groundwater, flow into the nearby water bodies and pollute the air we breathe. E-waste recycling is the need of the hour and it is rapidly growing in the United States to combat toxic materials from leaching out into our environment.

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