Tips for childproofing your gadgets

1. Set-up parental control

Almost every operating system comes with a built-in parental control option. Parental control allows you to put your device in restricted mode and block sites that you don’t want your kids to open. Always set up internet safety controls in your devices before giving them to your kid. This will prevent kids from accessing your work emails, banking information, and online shopping sites.

Kids are fascinated with screens. Today because of very early exposure children are more interested to play with gadgets than their toys. Allowing your kids to play with your gadgets and electronic devices can be quite risky. It can result in deleted contacts, loss of saved work or emails, unwanted purchases and even accidental messages. To prevent these accidents from happening you need to childproof your gadgets. Always make sure that your device is under warranty and has a protection plan for it, for example, Samsung galaxy warranty and protection plan.

 Here are a few helpful tips that can help you childproof your device.

2. Switch off the power option or use a power strip cover

Many times kids tend to press the power button of your laptop or computer which makes you lose all the unsaved data and work you did on it. So, to save yourself from this frustration, disable the power options in your device to make sure it won’t turn off even if the power button is pressed.. Some devices give this option like windows- go to the power option in the control panel select “what the power buttons do” and click “do nothing.”

3. Protect all your gadgets with a pin or a password


It not only protects unauthorized access it also keeps your data safe in the event of theft or loss of device. Without your knowledge kids can’t access or purchase anything. Always lock your gadgets when you are done using them or you are walking away from them. We even have options to individually lock applications with a PIN or a Password. This again can save you from unnecessary and unwanted purchases as well. 

4. Turn off buying option or sign out

Before handing over your device to your child for playing make sure you turn off all in-app purchases under iOS phone or tablet’s ‘Option’ menu. In the case of android devices go to Google Play and select ‘Settings’ and then go to ‘User Controls’ and set a PIN for in-app purchases to prevent unwanted spending while playing games. Another way is to always sign out from any such applications like Amazon, eBay, Banking, etc. that involves online purchasing. It is always safe to sign out of shopping apps.

5. Use strong and sturdy cases and screen protectors

Electronic devices like laptops, tablets and your smartphone come for a price and are delicate. Password gives protection to your software and apps, but kids can do physical damage by accidental drop or so. To protect your gadgets from any accidental drops or any other damage invest in a good mobile case. There are a lot of great shock-absorbing cases and covers available in the market for almost all kinds of electronic gadgets. It is important to guard your screen as well from scratches and cracks. It also protects the screen from the messy and dirty hands of the kids. A wide range of cases and screen guards are available in the market to suit your device.

6. Set off limits

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It is best to set a clear timetable and rules for your children’s usage of gadgets like computers, TV, mobile phones, tablets, etc. As to when to use, which gadget to use, how much time is allowed and where to use.. This helps to control the usage and even protects your pricey gadget. It is advisable to give these gadgets to kids in your presence and guidance only.

7. Keep your gadgets out of children’s reach

It is wise and safe to keep your devices out of reach of small children. Do not let kids use these devices and gadgets, especially mobile phones, until they reach a particular age where they come to understand how to handle these devices. Giving these gadgets very early on in life to kids may become a very harmful addiction. 

8. Download child-friendly Apps

There are few applications and software that help protect your gadgets by limiting and restricting the output and overall interaction of your device. This makes use of the internet safer for kids by blocking inappropriate and preventing unwanted online purchases. Get educational apps with fun games and learning. Use it for the positive development of your kid.

When you are giving your kids these expensive gadgets to play for entertainment make sure it is secure with warranty e.g. extended iPad warranty protection plan.

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