Things to Avoid While Using Tor

Tor browser is a perfect way to go through all .onion links. It provides anonymity while accessing the blocked contents on the Internet. But, there are various vital things which you should keep in mind while using Tor. In this article you would come to know about the things which you should completely avoid at the time of using Tor browser. Let’s go through all of them one by one

Avoid using your mobile phone for 2- Step verification on Tor browser

There are many websites which offer 2 -step verification by using a mobile number in which OTP is delivered to your number. They do it for the purpose of safely login to your account. You must be very careful at the time of using Tor browser if you are going to access your account.

If you are giving your phone number to any website, it would surely impede your anonymity status online for sure. It would be very easy to track you by using your given number. Even if you are using other person’s name SIM card, your telecom operator can find you as they have your device’s IMEI number in their records and can be used to find or track you.

Avoid using user account outside TOR

Are you using TOR browser for checking your email accounts, Twitter or Face book? If yes, then you should never use those accounts outside the TOR browser otherwise it would reveal your online identity to everyone. You can find every site on the web now logs information which includes your location, your log in and logout time, your IP address and other details. Even if you are accessing your account on the open internet for only one time, it is enough to track your IP address and find your true identity.

Never share your personal information

Yes, it is totally right and you should keep this in your mind for sure. Make sure you are not posting your personal information like address, name and credit card number at the time of using TOR. It would be helpful for you in many ways.

You should be pseudonymous to keep yourself hidden. You should present yourself as a person with different behaviour while using TOR. The new person would surely have several types of hatreds and likes, fantasies and food choices.

It would be better for you to create a new account with a new email address which would not show your actual identity. You can take the advantage of that email for your social accounts and praise the power of TOR and enjoy your anonymity.

Never send unencrypted data over TOR

Make sure you are not sending any unencrypted data over TOR. It is highly advisable not to send over the TOR network, as someone would be able to access your vital information easily.

Avoid using TOR with Windows

One of the most used operating systems for desktops is the Microsoft Windows. It doesn’t work well if you are going to use TOR browser on it. You should never use TOR with Windows as it may reveal your identity even if you are accessing the internet using TOR. In case you wish to use Windows, then check out Windows Privacy fix tutorial for your safety and privacy.

Go for Linux system as it would serve you very well for this purpose. The Linux distributions like Whonix and Tails are pre- configured with TOR. It can be configured manually on any distribution you would like.

Never use TOR for Google search

Make sure you are not using Google to search your queries and remain anonymous while using TOR browser. You should understand that Google gets information from your search requests and tracks your browsing habits to enhance its advertisement services.

You can take the help of other search engines like Start Page and DuckDuckGo as they do not track your IP address.

Avoid using HTTP website on TOR

You should never try to access HTTP websites on the TOR browser. If you are doing it, then there would be higher chances of your information getting leaked for sure.

You can stop such situations by using HTTPS websites. They deal with end-to-end encryption protocols like TLS (Transport Layer Security) and Wildcard SSL (Secure Socket Layer). So, your whole data would be remained safe and secure even if it is outside the network of TOR.

Always delete cookies and local website data

Whenever you access any website, it sends a small file to your system which maintains the record of your all web history and other vital data so that the website would be able to know you on your next visit, this type of file is known as a Cookie. Make sure you are deleting all the cookies and other local website data.

Over to You

Finally, you are fully aware of the important things which you should keep in mind while using TOR. TOR is always there for you, you have to learn how to use it well.