The Worrisome Effect of Reviews on Amazon

The Worrisome Effect of Reviews on Amazon

Welcome to the world of Amazon: to the world, where you can’t survive without good and flawless reviews! This is a world where your reputation is created based on the opinions of others, and where you should operate your business as best as you can if you want to get the ultimate kick out of your career on this platform!

Worrisome Effect of Reviews on Amazon

Weight of Reviews: Know What You’re Dealing With!

Customer reviews can make or break you, there’s no in-between! On one hand, your reviews can boost up your account, attract more customers and show your approach towards the selling process, while on the other, they can ruin everything you were working on so far!

Let’s face it: Amazon customers can’t tolerate you being impolite, not providing good customer service or shipping the products late. Neither does Amazon! They literally have an allergic reaction to the “unexpected!” To be more precise, Amazon buyers know exactly what they expect from the order, from the seller and from the platform in general: if their actual shopping experience does not meet their expectations, you will most probably have your account ruined by negative reviews!

What Does Amazon Say?

If you’re planning to start your business on Amazon, you should be informed about the strict rules and policies that exist on this platform. To tell you the truth, most of them seem just right, especially when you look from the buyers’ perspective! However, sellers who don’t play by the rules won’t tell you the same thing, and you know why? Because after violating all those “unfair” policies, they learnt the lesson the hard way!

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Anyway, what does Amazon say about reviews? In general, Amazon doesn’t allow you to do the following:

  • Pay for or offer an incentive (such as coupons or free products) in exchange for providing or removing feedback or reviews
  • Ask customers to write only positive reviews or ask them to remove or change a review
  • Solicit reviews only from customers who had a positive experience
  • Review your own products or competitors’ products

Here’s The Lesson We All Should Learn

Don’t Pay for Reviews!

People who brazenly work with third-party companies offering fake reviews always have problems with Amazon. What most sellers don’t understand is that the eCommerce giant is a giant for a reason! It just can’t ignore the fact that you are buying reviews and providing poor quality products to its buyers!

What’s even more interesting, you will surely see all those companies that guarantee you a 100% success rate and that Amazon will never suspect anything! Unfortunately, we always underestimate Amazon and that’s the issue we should work on!

Your Family Will Only Make the Things Worse!

Amazon knows it by heart that some sellers go to their families and ask for reviews. For this very reason, you just can’t ask your sister to leave a seemingly positive review and describe how satisfied she is with her order: it will only cause more difficulties! The difficulty we are talking about is the Amazon suspension! Sellers all around the world find their Amazon account suspended just because Amazon’s software, A9, identifies the obvious connection between you and your family member, and that’s not even the end!

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After getting suspended, you will have to appeal the suspension, ask Amazon to reinstate your account and so much more! Long story short, if you want to avoid headaches, just don’t fake reviews in any way!


It’s not only virtuosos who sell on Amazon, no! But still, publishing reviews that are rotten to the core is not an option as well, it’s not something that you pay for! Reviews are the result of your hard work and excellent customer service, and you should understand this concept before you actually start selling on Amazon! Have fun with your store, but not too much and soon, you will have everything under the sun, everything that you really want!

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