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The Top 3 Gaming Bestsellers

The Top 3 Gaming Bestsellers

Every year, dozens of video game titles are released from the industry newcomers and giants. While the volume of sales isn’t the only way to judge the quality of games; it’s rather a way to measure its level of acceptance and influence amongst gamers.

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These best-selling games are on multiple platforms, from mobile apps to being part of hardware bundles.


Alexey Pajitnov created the game in 1984 while in present-day Russia and the game was brought to the west by Henk Rogers who gave Nintendo the license to mass-produce it. Within 5 years, the game sold over 35 million copies. The rights were reverted to Pajitnov in 1996. The background music that plays throughout this game is a version of the Russian folk ballad called “Korobeiniki,” which dates back to the 19th century.

The game involves making complete lines by assembling differently shaped blocks known as tetrominoes. Upon completing a line, the set of blocks making up the line disappears, making a new room, and the player gets some points. The game is over when a player is unable to assemble complete lines, and the playing box is filled up. The game also has a multiplayer version where players can compete against themselves, inflicting penalties on other opponents, and whoever lasts longest wins.

Tetris is available on over 65 gaming platforms, from handheld to mobile apps. The handheld version sold an overwhelming 70 million pieces. Sales and profits are a bit difficult to track in this record-breaking game. The game has over 425 million paid downloads on its mobile app, and you can actually play for free. A multiplayer version of the game known as Tetris Battle on Facebook has over 20 billion plays. The mobile app costs $4.99 to play ad-free.


This game arguably has become the bestseller of all time. The game has sold a whopping 238 million copies, and it’s not slowing down. A decade after its release, the game remains one of the most popular and has seen a couple of spin-offs produced.

This game does not come with a set of instructions. Every player has the liberty to run their gameplay however they choose, as the game offers no preset prompts to achieve a particular task before another. Minecraft opens to a natural outdoor setting of trees, grasses, mountains, and water bodies. These objects are built up with blocks, 3D blocks, to be exact. Trunk blocks are stacked to make trees and so on.

The players break down the blocks, which are then picked up and used to build other structures such as shelters or castles. When the blocks are broken down, players may come across important items such as gold, iron, and coal which can prove very useful.

You can play the game solely for creative fun by turning off the health bar and in-game enemies through the settings. You can however experience the full pleasure of Minecraft by leaving these settings on and grasping with your survival from day one.

While the game has no age restrictions to register, certain in-game functions are not accessible to kids under the age of 12 at the point of registering. Microsoft purchased the rights to the game and the developer for $2.5 billion.

The game is available in a multiplayer version where players can interact in a single game world. This is possible on consoles using a split-screen or LAN. Player and business-hosted servers also make Minecraft multiplayer possible. The mobile app version of the game Minecraft: pocket edition costs about $7, and you might need to pay more than $30 to access the game on a console.

Other records held by Minecraft

  • Most popular game beta
  • Most downloaded mod download
  • Most Concurrent players in the world
  • The largest gathering of people dressed as a single character
  • Largest Indie Game Convention

Grand Theft Auto V

This gaming bestseller is about a retired bank robber, a street gangster, and a gunrunner attempt to run several heists in the fictional city of San Andreas, which is bigger than the entire island of Manhattan, under a heavy influence from powerful criminals and a corrupt government agency.

Rockstar North spent a staggering $265 million in developing and marketing the game. When it was released in 2013, the game set a new sales record of over $1 billion in its first 3 days and has currently sold over 155 million copies across different platforms.

The action-packed thriller got gamers calling in sick at work just to lay their hands on a copy on launch day and features over 1000 mentions of the f-word and c-word. The three main characters are controlled by the player, and they may swap between them both during and outside missions. The multiplayer version allows up to 30 players to run missions at once.

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